The source lists contain a huge number of acronyms for all sorts of different printed material. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used, along with an explanation: (If some of the acronyms do not have the explanation yet, it will be added in due course)

ACHTZEHN, HELMUT G.O. Zinkwazi Beach and surrounding area, Natal North Coast: history, personalities, developments. Zinkwazi Beach: Achtzehn family, 1991.

ACUTT, ALICE The simple chronicle of a South African family. Durban: Priv. print, 1926.

Acutt papers – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Addison papers – Durban Local History Museum

African coast, 1806-1849. Typescript, n.d. (photocopy in Natal Archives)

African court calendar and directory for 1823. Cape Town: Richert, 1822.

AGO – Attorney-General’s Office – Miscellaneous depositions- Unpublished Official Papers

AKITT, H. Government assisted immigration to Natal, 1857–1862. Thesis, MA (Natal), 1953, pp.126-64. 604

Akitt – Akitt Shipping Lists – Akitt, A. Government assisted immigration to Natal, 1857-1862. Thesis, MA (Natal). 1953

Albany Museum, Grahamstown, The Curator, – Personal Correspondence

ARBUTHNOT, JANE Autobiographical sketch, by J.A. Pmb.: City Printing Works, 1919. – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

Archives of the Natal Wesleyan Mission – KwaZulu-Natal Archives

Armstrong, Grace, Box 501, Kokstad – Personal Correspondence

Arthur’s Seat farm cemetery (reference –  supplied by Mrs Sclanders, Kelvin Grove, Winterton) – Cemeteries

Arthur Hamilton Baynes, by P.B. Hinchliff, p.53.

ATMORE, CHARLES – ‘The Methodist memorial’, being an impartial sketch of the lives and characters of the preachers who have departed this life. London: Hamilton, Adams, 1871. – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

Attorney-General’s Office –  vol. I/2/1 (Index of criminal cases and circuit court cases)- Unpublished Official Papers

Attorney General’s Office – Unpublished Official Sources

Bailliere’s Directory of Victoria (Dr B.R. Bennett, 200 Auburn Road, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia)

BALDWIN, WILLIAM CHARLES African hunting and adventure from Natal to the Zambezi. 3rd ed. London: Bentley, 1894.- Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

BALLARD, CHARLES John Dunn: the white chief of Zululand. Johannesburg: Donker, 1985.

Barnes, Pam. The great flood of 1856  in Natalia No 14. Pietermaritzburg: Natal
Society, Dec. 1984.

BARNES, PAMELA The great flood of 1856, Natalia, vol.14, 1984, pp.33–41.

Barnes, Vera – reminiscences

BARRETT, ANTHONY MOSTYN Michaelhouse, 1896-1968. Pmb.: Michaelhouse Old Boys’ Club, 1969.

Barter, Charles: Diary, 1852-1853  – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Baseley, John. Twenty four notes on colonial Natal written by Bazley (as he then spelt his name) on spare pages in Johnson’s Atlas of England. Manchester: Thomas Johnson, 1847, transcribed by Dr John Clark. – Manuscripts

Bass, H.M., Box 11, Tongaat – Personal Correspondence

Baxter, Anthony, 9 Madeira Avenue, Worthing, West Sussex – Personal Correspondence

Bell, Francis: Reminiscences (Mrs P.M.Titterton, 109 Levenhall Rd, Dbn)  – Miscellaneous sources

Bellair Anglican – Killie Campbell Africana Library

BENDER, COLIN Who saved Natal? the story of the Victorian harbour engineers of colonial Port Natal. Dbn: the Author, 1988.

BENYON, JOHN Proconsul and paramountcy in South Africa… 1806–1910. Pmb.: University of Natal Press, 1980.

Bergville Anglican – Church registers (The general rule here has been that the cut-off dates for the copying of these has been 1880 in the case of baptisms and 1920 in the case of marriage). A number of churches do not have burial registers or only incomplete ones. Where possible these records have been copied well into the middle of this century.)

Bergville – deaths, 1894-1950 – (Compulsory registration of births and deaths began only in 1868. These registers were originally housed in the offices of the various magistrates, but were withdrawn to the Department of the Interior, Pretoria. Some Natal registers have since been deposited in the Natal Archives, Pmb.)

BERNING, J.M. Index to obituary notices of Methodist ministers, 1815–1920. Johannesburg: Public library, 1969.

BINNS, C.T. Dinuzulu: the death of the house of Shaka. London: Longmans, 1968.

Bird, John: The annals of Natal. 2 vols. Cape Town: Struik, 1965. (Originally published in 1888.)

Bird, Kit Papers in Pietermaritzburg Archives Repository.

Bishopstowe – Cemeteries

Black, Lynnette, Elandshoek, Boston. – Personal Correspondence

BLAMEY, A.G. Blamey family history. Typescript, 1966. (Killie Campbell Africana Library)

Blamey J.C.: Diaries  – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Bosted, Ann, 4000 Farm Hill Boulevard #310, Redwood City, California.  – Personal Correspondence

Boston Anglican (in Cathedral Archives)

Boston General cemetery and St Michael’s churchyard  – Cemeteries

Braby, A.C., Natal Directory. Durban: Braby & Co., 1915, 1916, 1917. – Books and Directories

Brain, J.B., Richmond Road, Kloof.

BRAIN, J.B. Catholic beginnings in Natal and beyond. Dbn: Griggs, 1975.

BRAMDEOW, SHIRRON Henry Francis Fynn and the Fynn community in Natal, 1824–1988. Thesis, MA (Natal), 1988. 606

BRITISH MUSEUM General catalogue of printed books. London: Trustees of the British Museum, 1961-66.

Brokensha, Neville (deceased).

BROOKES, E.H. and WEBB, C. de B. A history of Natal. Pmb.: University of Natal Press, 1965.

BROOKES, E.H. White rule in South Africa … Pmb.: University of Natal Press, 1974.

BROOME, F.N. Not the whole truth. Pmb.: University of Natal Press, 1962.

Brown, Clarice, 102 Inverness, South Ridge Road, Dbn.

BROWNLEE, CHARLES Natal and Zululand fifty years ago: a lecture. Lovedale: Mission press. 1889. (pamphlet) – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

BUCHANAN, BARBARA Natal memories. Pmb.: Shuter & Shooter, 1941.

Buchanan, M.E.: Diary, 1858, 1859  – KwaZulu-Natal Archives

Buckley, David,  Natal Society Library, Pmb.

BULL, ESME Aided immigration from Britain to South Africa, 1857-1867. Pretoria: HSRC, 1991,

BULLIMORE, J.H.W. The story of a parish, 1873–1947; being the history of the Parish of Lower Umgeni, now the Parish of St James, Stamford Hill. Dbn:Priv. print, 1948.

Bulwer – deaths, 1889- 1950 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

Burke’s genealogical and heraldic history of the peerage, baronetage and knightage … London: Burke’s Peerage Ltd, 1940.

BURNE, W.L. John Burne. Typescript, 1954. 607

BURNETT, B.B. Anglicans in Natal. Don: Churchwardens of St Paul’s, 1953.

BURROWS, E.H. History of medicine in South Africa. Cape Town: Balkema, 1958.

Byrne, St Mary Magdalene’s churchyard  – Cemeteries

Byrne’s Emigrant’s Journal and Natal News, no.1, Feb. 1850 – no.6, July 1850

C.R. Bishop papers –  Durban Local History Museum

CA – Cape Archives, Cape Town GH 9/3 dated 4.12.1851, Ina list 11.12.1851 (Lists of unapproved Byrne emigrants)

Camperdown – deaths, 1903- 1935 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

Canner – Canner, John (Deceased) – Personal Communication

Cape Archives, Cape Town – MOOC – Wills and death notices  

Cape of Good Hope. Colony. Government Gazette. Cape Town.

Cape of Good Hope almanac and annual register for 1843. Cape Town: Saul Solomon, 1842.

Cape of Good Hope almanac and annual register for 1845. Cape Town: van de Sandt.

Cape of Good Hope annual register, directory and almanac (title varies) for 1839, 1840, 1841. Cape Town: van de Sandt.

Cape of Good Hope register, directory and almanac (title varies) for 1838, 1844. Cape Town: Robertson.

Cape Town directory for 1865. Cape Town: Cyrus J. Martin.

CARBUTT, T.B. The story of the Carbutt family leaving England and settling in Natal. Typescript. 1936. (FH. Carbutt, deceased) 608

Carbutt, Thomas: Letters to his son T.M. Carbutt  – Miscellaneous sources

Carr, Errol, Otto’s Bluff (deceased).

Cato papers  – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Cavan family Bible (Mrs B.W. Holman, deceased)  – Miscellaneous sources

Caversham  – Cemeteries

CHAMPION, GEORGE Journal of Rev. George Champion, American missionary in Zululand, 1835-9; ed. by Alan R. Booth. Cape Town: Struik, 1967. – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

CHAPMAN, JAMES Travels in the interior of Africa, 1849-1863. 2 Vols. Cape Town: Balkema, 1971. (first published 1868) – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

Chase, J.C.: The Natal papers: a reprint of all notices and public documents connected with that territory, Cape Town: Struik, 1968. (Originally published in 1843.)

CHILD, DAPHNE, ed. A merchant family in early Natal: diaries and letters of Joseph and Marianne Churchill, 1850-1880. Cape Town: Balkema, 1979. – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

Christ Church, Addington, 1861- 1903  – Church registers

Christison, Grant, 25 Oribi Road, Pmb.

CHRISTISON, GRANT Loyal little Natal. Pıb.: the Author, 1986.

CHURCHILL, F.F. In old Natal. Cape Town: Cape Argus, 1922.

Churchill/Gillespie papers (copies consulted – originals in the Local History Museum)  – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Cilliers, Ben, Agriculture Faculty, Univ. of Natal, Pmb.

CILLIERS, BEN Genealogieë van die Afrikaner families in Natal. Pmb.: the Author, 1986.

CLANCEY, P.A. A one-time Mecca for ornithologists, Natalia, vol.5, 1975, pp.29–35. 593

Clark, Dr John. Natal Settler-Agent. The career of John Moreland agent for the Byrne- emigration-scheme of 1849–51. Cape Town: Balkema, 1972.- Books and Directories

CLARK, JOHN Natal settler agent: the career of John Moreland, agent for the Byrne emigration scheme of 1849– 51. Cape Town: Balkema, 1972.

Clarke, Patricia. The governesses; letters from the colonies. 1862-1882. London: Hutchinson,1985.

CLARKE, PATRICIA The governesses: letters from the colonies, 1862-1882. London: Hutchinson, 1985. – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

Clarke, William James: Scrapbook  – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Clarkson, A.F., Cape Education Dept, Box 13, Cape Town.

Clur, Patty,  24 Rapson Rd, Hillcrest.

Clydesdale mission station (Anglican), 1867- 1950  – Church registers

Colenbrander, J.C.(deceased).

COLENSO, FRANCES ELLEN My chief and 1; or, six months in Natal after the Langalibalele outbreak… Pmb.: University of Natal Press, 1994.

COLENSO, J.W.  Bringing forth light: five tracts on Bishop Colenso’s Zulu mission; ed. by D.R. Edgecombe. Pmb.: University of Natal Press, 1982. 398

COLENSO, JOHN WILLIAM Ten weeks in Natal: a journal of a visitation among the colonists and Zulu Kafirs of Natal. Cambridge: Macmillan, 1855. – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

Colenso letters, 1864-1874 – Don Africana Library

Colenso papers  – KwaZulu-Natal Archives

Collection of Cs Lists – Collector of Custom’s lists

Colonial Secretary’s Office vols. 1,13, 15,16,25,27,41, 51,52,55,56,72, 95,96, 104, 105,107,114, 148,149, 158,163, 172,205,206,214,233,317,332,355, 368,376,539,879, 1197,1203, 1300,2236-60, 2262-4, 2266,2267,2272,2273, 2282- 8 – Unpublished Official Papers

Colonial Secretary’s Office- Unpublished Official Sources

Commercial Road Cemetery, Pmb. – Cemeteries

Commercial Road Cemetery registers  – Natal Society Library

Cottrell, Mike – Personal Communication

Coulson, Charmian. Beaulieu-on-Illovo: Richmond, Natal, its people and history.- Books and Directories

Course, L.A., (deceased).

COWLEY, CECIL Schwikkard of Natal and the old Transvaal. Cape Town: Struik, 1974.

COX, Sir GEORGE The life of John William Colenso, DD, Bishop of Natal. 2 vols. London: Ridgway, 1888. – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

Cradock: St Peter’s churchyard  – Cemeteries

Cradock (Cape) Anglican: St Peter’s  – Church registers

CRAW, ISABELLA A diary of the siege of Ladysmith … Ladysmith: Ladysmith historical society, 1972. – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

Crompton papers  – KwaZulu-Natal Archives

Crowder, Samuel jun.: Reminiscences Typescript. 1906. (Killie Campbell Africana

Cullingworth, Jeremiah ed. Port Natal Almanac. Durban: 1851, 1852.

CURREY, R.N. Letters and other writings of a Natal sheriff: Thomas Phipson, 1815-1876. Cape Town: Oxford University Press.  – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

D’Urban Advocate – Newspaper –  1852–1854

D’Urban Observer,- Newspaper –   1851–1852

Dacomb, Charles. Diary. 1850. In Killie Campbell Africana Library.

DALBIAC, P.H. History of the 45th, first Nottinghamshire regiment. London: Swan Sonnenschein, 1902.

Dales, Nora. A history of Pinetown produced for the van Riebeek festival. Typescript, 24 p. Pinetown: No publisher, 1952.  – Books, Directories, Pamphlets

DALTON WOMEN’S INSTITUTE Dalton and district area annals. Dalton; the Institute, [1972). (pamphlet)

DARBY, IAN D. Anglican worship in Victorian Natal. Thesis. MA (Natal), 1977.

DARNALL WOMEN’S INSTITUTE Annals. [Darnall: the Institute, c. 1972.]

DAVIES, J.H. Sailing vessels engaged in trading on the South

DAVIES, M.J. Twin trails: the story of the Fynn and Southey families. Salisbury (Rhodesia): Davies, 1974.

Dbn: the Museum, 1982. Durban: Durban City Parks Dept, 1996.

DDL – Doves Durban List – Dove & Co.: List of burials in Durban, 1875- 1922 – Miscellaneous sources

DDP – Durban Government Register – Unpublished Official Papers

De Natalier and Pietermaritzburg True Recorder, – Newspaper –  1844–1846

Devereux, Bishop: Letter to Bishop Allard 4.2.1853  (Archdiocese of Durban Archives) – Miscellaneous sources

DE VILLIERS, C.C. Genealogies of old South African families, rev. ed., augmented and rewritten by C. Pama. 2 vols. Cape Town: Balkema, 1978.

DE VILLIERS, M. Afstamme van Vincent Riel, Familia, vol.21, 1984 pp.15–17.

DICK, W.M. The four books of the Prophet Ignoramus; being the chronicles of the reign of Er Keet in Ophir. Pmb.: Keith & Co., 1872.

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Dictionary of South African biography. vol.2. Cape Town: Tafelberg for Human sciences research council, 1972.

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Dictionary of national biography: the concise dictionary from the beginnings to 1930. London: Oxford University Press, 1939.

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Dictionary of national biography supplement vol. 1. London: Smith Elder, 1901.

Dictionary of South African biography. vol.1. Cape Town: Nasionale boekhandel for National council for social research, 1968.

Diocese of Natal: Handbook of native and 2 Indian missions (1914) Cathedral of the Holy Nativity Archives

Directory of Durban and Pietermaritzburg, District of Natal … Pmb.: Lumb, 1852.

Dixon, Ann: Statement written by Ann Dixon deceased) on some Byrne and other settlers (Natal Museum)  – Miscellaneous sources

Dixon papers  – Killie Campbell Africana Library

DMM -Durban Municipality  – Mayor’s Minute 1876, 1888, 1890

DOBIE. J.S. South African journal. 1862-6: ed. by Alan F. Hattersley. Cape Town: van Riebeeck society, 1945. – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

Dorning, D.N.: Chimneys in the clouds. Howick: Brevitas, 1997.

DORNING, MAY, ed. Memories of a grandmother, Elizabeth Greaves (born Gilfillan)… Kokstad: Kokstad Advertiser, (1959). (pamphlet)

Dr C.M. Aldridge: Ledger – Natal Society Library

Drummond, Althea – Personal Communication

DUCKWORTH, J.G. Grey’s Hospital, Pietermaritzburg, 1855-1985: a commemorative brochure. Pmb.: the Hospital, 1985.

DUMINY, ANDREW and GUEST, BILL, eds. Natal and Zululand from earliest times to 1910: a new history. Pmb.: University of Natal Press and Shuter & Shooter, 1989.

Dundee Anglican: St James’s, 1890-1950  – Church registers

Dundee – deaths, 1890- 1950 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

Dundee General cemetery  – Cemeteries

Dundee General cemetery  – Talana Museum site – Cemeteries

Dundee Government Register. – Unpublished Official Papers

DURBAN, Corporation. Local history museum. Guide. Dbn: the Museum, n.d.

DURBAN. Corporation. Local history museum. Greenacres Exhibition. (brochure).

DURBAN. Corporation. Local history museum. Harvey, Greenacre & Co., Durban. Dbn: the Museum, 1986.

Durban Anglican  – Church registers  

Durban Baptist, 1866-1919  – Church registers

Durban- births, 1868- 1880 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

Durban Catholic  – Church registers

Durban cemeteries: Camp cemetery, St Thomas’s, Berea, Stamford Hill, West Street

Durban Congregational, 1852-1891 (fire damaged)  – Church registers

Durban Corporation Mayors Minutes

Durban- deaths, 1868-1931 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

Durban Municipality  – Town Council minutes, 1855

Durban Presbyterian – Berea Presbyterian Church  – Church registers

Durban Presbyterian St Andrew’s, Minutes  – Church registers

Durban Presbyterian St Andrew’s Baptisms and marriages, 1862-1920 – Church registers

Durban Presbyterian St Andrew’s Baptisms and marriages, Communion rolls, 1862-1880  – Church registers

Durban Wesleyan (Methodist), 1842-1931  – Church registers

DURNFORD, EDWARD A soldier’s life and work in South Africa, 1872 to 1879 … London: Sampson Low, 1882. – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

EAST GRIQUALAND WOMEN’S INSTITUTES Area annals of East Griqualand. Typescript, 1965.

Ecroyd, James: Letters  – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Edendale mission station (Methodist), 1852-1885 (Natal Archives) – Church registers

EI – European Immigration Dept records held in State Archives Repository, Pietermaritzburg

Empangeni- deaths, 1903- 1941 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

ENGLISH, G.D. The story of the Royal Durban Rangers. 3 vols. Typescript, 1954.

Eshowe Anglican: St Michael and All Angels, 1896-1920  – Church registers

Eshowe – cemeteries

Estcourt Anglican: St Matthew’s, 1872-1945  – Church registers

Estcourt – deaths, 1868-1918 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

Estcourt – General cemetery and St Matthew’s churchyard – cemeteries

ETHERINGTON, NORMAN Preachers, peasants and politics in South-east Africa, 1835–1880: African Christian communities in Natal, Pondoland and Zululand. London: Royal Historical society, 1978.

European Immigration Department vols. 1, 53, 64, 65 , 73, 74 – Unpublished Official Papers

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Eyre papers – Don Africana Library

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Fincken, V.S.T., (deceased).

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Fleming, John: Diary  – KwaZulu-Natal Archives

FORBES, DAVID My life in South Africa … London: Witherby, 1938.

Forbes papers (Transvaal Archives)  – Miscellaneous sources

FOSTER, JOSEPH Peerage, baronetage, and knightage of the British Empire for 1880. Westminster: the Author, 1880.

Foster, Raymond T. – Farms I remember. -Manuscript Material

FRANCIS, G.E. Historical Ixopo. Pmb.: the Author, [c. 1924). (pamphlet)

Francis Henry Samuel Orpen, by B.J.T. Leverton, p.666. Dictionary of South African biography. vol.4. Dbn: Butterworth for Human sciences research council, 1981.

Fuller Scrapbook No.1.-Manuscript Material

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Fynn papers  – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Gallwey, M.H. (deceased).

Garbutt, Audrey, Creighton (deceased).

Garbutt, Dave, Box 716, Pmb.

Garbutt papers   – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Garden, Capt. R.J. (45th Regiment): Papers  – KwaZulu-Natal Archives

Gardiner, A.F.; Papers   – Killie Campbell Africana Library

GARDINER, ALLEN FRANCIS Narrative of a journey to the Zoolu country in South Africa. Cape Town: Struik, 1966. (first published 1836) – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

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Garland, Gerald, Box 2, Umhlali.

Garland papers   – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Garner, H., 16 Boekenhout St, Navors, Pretoria.

GARNETT, GWEN Letter to Killie Campbell, 24 Feb. 1937 (Killie Campbell Africana Library)

GAVIN, JAMES VERNON The John Gavin Story. Typescript, nd. (reference supplied by 652)

GEE, E.C. [Notes on the Pollyblank, Westcott and Gee families.] Manuscript, 1946. (Killie Campbell Africana Library)

Geekie, Kinsey, Benvie, York (deceased).

Gee papers  – Durban Local History Museum

Gelder, Betsy: Diary, 1870-1882  – Miscellaneous sources

Gibson, E.W.,  Howard Hill, Elandskop (deceased).

Gibson, Joan,  Mooi River (deceased).

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Gillitt, W.A., Hucknall, Nottinghamshire

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Goble scrapbook  – Miscellaneous sources

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Goodricke papers  – KwaZulu-Natal Archives  

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Gordge, Phyllis (deceased).

Gordge papers   – Killie Campbell Africana Library

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Gordon papers (Mrs Julian Gordon, Box 10, Fawnleas, Natal)  – Miscellaneous sources

Government House vols. 7, 21 , 36, 52, 60, 62, 63, 1211, 1218, 1299, 1324,1410, 1584 – Unpublished Official Papers

Government Notice- Unpublished Official Sources

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Grant, Hector – Personal Communication

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Grantham, James: Sketch of Port Natal and adjacent country. Dbn: the Cartographer, 1858.

Gravestone on the farm Blaauwkrantz, near Colenso.

GRAY, JAMES Payable gold … Johannesburg:) CNA, 1937.

Great Britain. Parliamentary papers. HC 596 Correspondence re the growth of cotton by natives, 1860

Greathead, Mary Milner: Diary, 1856-1864   – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Greathead, Thomas: Papers (Reg Wright, deceased) – Miscellaneous sources

GREATHEAD, WILLIAM BURGESS Letters to ‘Cousin’ Beardsworth, 27 Feb. 1959, 4 May 1960.

Greenacre papers   – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Greening papers  – KwaZulu-Natal Archives  

Grey’s Hospital, Pmb. Admissions register, 1886-1896

Greytown: Letters received – Magistrates’ papers

GREYTOWN and DISTRICT COUNCIL FOR CARE OF THE AGED Umvoti County: jewel of Natal. Greytown: the Council, 1985.

Greytown Anglican: St James’s, 1864-1920  – Church registers

Greytown – births, 1868-1880 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

Greytown – cemeteries

Greytown Wesleyan, (Methodist) 1868-1950  – Church registers

Griffin, Neville,  Box 305, Ladysmith.

Griffin papers   – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Griffith, H.J., Box 138, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.

Groom, Ray, 13 Winston Road, Westville.

Groom, Thomas: Affidavit, 16 Sep 1898 – Miscellaneous sources

Groom papers   – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Grundy, James: Memoranda – Miscellaneous sources

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Harding: Criminal records  – Magistrates’ papers

Harding Congregational – marriages, 1882-1920  – Church registers

Harding – deaths, 1868- 1950 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

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Harrismith  – cemeteries

Harrismith Municipality Burial register, 1879–1949

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International Genealogical Index (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)  – Miscellaneous sources

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Isipingo, St James’s churchyard  – cemeteries

Isipingo Anglican: St James’s, 1856-1918 (Killie Campbell Africana Library) – Church registers

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Ladysmith  – cemeteries

Ladysmith Municipality Ration list, 1899–1900 (housed in the Ladysmith Museum)

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Natal almanac and yearly register, 1863–1905. Pmb.: P. Davis. (The main sections consulted were postal directories, lists of officers in government departments and various bodies and organizations, and advertisements. The issues for 1882, 1884, 1888 and 1895 are most often quoted for postal addresses and occupations, as these are the numbers of this now rare publication to which constant access has been possible. Addresses and occupations as given in directories have to be treated with caution for they sometimes tend to be out of date. As far as possible these have been checked against other sources.)

Natal Archives, Pietermaritzburg

Natal Chronicle – Newspaper –  1855–1856

Natal Colonist – Newspaper –  1866–1880 (appeared as the Natal Herald, 1866–1871)

Natal Colony. Bloemfontein Conference, 1889: Natal delegates’ report, and appendices thereto. [Pmb.: Government printer, 1889.)

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Natal Herald – Newspaper –  see Natal Colonist

Natalian, The –

Natal Journal, 1857-1858

Natal Mercury: Supplement – Newspapers

Natal pioneers: composite photograph prepared by James Brickhill, 1872. Copy in Natal Museum. (See also Vol.1 of this work). It has since been. found there are two separate numberings for this photograph – the first from left to right from the top of the picture, the second arranged chronologically by the date of arrival in the Colony.

Natal Standard and Farmers’ Courant- Newspaper –  1852

Natal Star – Newspaper –  1855-1863

Natal Times and Durban Mercantile and Agricultural Gazette – Newspaper – ,1851-1853

Natal who’s who: an illustrated biographical sketch book of Natalians. Dbn: Who’s who publ. co., 1906. (Useful mainly for the second generation.)  – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

NATAL WITNESS – A century of progress in Natal, 1824–1924; being the centenary number of the Natal Witness. Pmb.: Natal Witness, 1924.

National education, Dept of State archives and heraldic services Alphabetical guide to gravestones in smaller cemeteries … vol.1 – Pretoria: the Services, 1989

NBB – Natal Blue Book.

NBB or NCBB – Natal. Colony. Blue book. Pmb.: 1850-1892/3.

NCA – Natal Commercial Advertiser – Newspaper –   (later Natal Advertiser, 1854-1855)

Neethling, Port Shepstone – Neethling was  curator of Port Shepstone Museum.

Neon no.14, 1974, 728 Richmond, Byrne and District Museum.

Net cast in many waters, The – 1866–1896

Newcastle: Depositions, Letter books,  – Magistrates’ papers

Newcastle Anglican: Holy Trinity, 1877-1950  – Church registers

Newcastle- births. 1868-1880 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

Newcastle  – cemeteries

Newcastle- deaths, 1870-1950 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

Newcastle- marriages, 1864-1919 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

Newcastle Wesleyan (Methodist)  – Church registers

New Guelderland  – cemeteries

New Hanover Anglican: Parish of York-cum-Ravensworth, 1912-1950  – Church registers

Newscuttings collection – Natal Society Library

NGG – Natal. Colony. Government notices, 1848–1881. (These were also published in the Government Gazette.)

NGG – Natal Government Gazette. – Unpublished Official Papers

Nicholson, Harriet: Journal, Apr- July 1850 (Dr John Clark above)  – Miscellaneous sources

Nicholson; Harriet: First letter written home  on arrival in Natal, 1850 (Dr John Clark, deceased)  – Miscellaneous sources

NI – Natal Independent – Newspaper –  1850–1855

NM – Natal Mercury – Newspaper –  1852 315 – thoroughly researched to the end of 1857. Thereafter, except in isolated instances, only domestic notices and obituaries have been used, in the case of the Natal Mercury to 1885

NM Pictorial

Noodsberg, All Saints’ churchyard  – cemeteries

Nottingham Road, St John’s churchyard – cemeteries

NOURSE, GORDON My forebears in South Africa, The Settler, May/June 1987. 601

NPP – Natal Parliamentary Papers vols. 86, 93, 102, 105, 234, 236 – Unpublished Official Papers

NSEAT – Natal and South East African Times. – Newspapers

NW – Natal Witness, – Newspaper –  1846 thoroughly researched to the end of 1857. Thereafter, except in isolated instances, only domestic notices and obituaries have been used, in the case of the Natal Witness to 1920.

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PA – Power of Attorney

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Parker, M. Scrapbook

Parkinson, Kate Methley: The Parkinsons. Typescript   – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Parkinson newscuttings (Revd C. Scott Shaw, deceased)  – Miscellaneous sources

Passenger lists: Lady of the Lake Aug 1856  – Durban Local History Museum

Pay papers   – Killie Campbell Africana Library

Pearce, Kenneth (Grandson of William) – Personal Communication

Pearce, William. Autobiography of William Pearce (1855-1939) of Eden, Illovo, South Coast, Natal. Typescript, no date. – Manuscripts

Pearce papers written in 1948 by grandson Tom. Held in Killie Campbell Library, Durban.- Manuscripts

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Personalities collection  – Natal Society Library

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Pietermaritzburg, Commercial Road – cemeteries

Pietermaritzburg: Letter books  – Magistrates’ papers

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PIETERMARITZBURG. Corporation Year book, 1966.

Pietermaritzburg Anglican (all housed in the Cathedral Archives)  – Church registers

Pietermaritzburg Anglican (all housed in the Cathedral Archives) – Independent Anglican, 1884-1889  – Church registers

Pietermaritzburg Anglican (all housed in the Cathedral Archives) St Andrew’s, 1855-1867  – Cemeteries

Pietermaritzburg – births, 1868-1903 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

Pietermaritzburg Catholic: St Mary’s, 1850-1923  – Church registers

Pietermaritzburg Congregational, 1860- 1917 – Church registers

Pietermaritzburg – deaths, 1868-1941 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

Pietermaritzburg Dutch Reformed – Church registers

Pietermaritzburg Government Register Deaths – Unpublished Official Sources

Pietermaritzburg – marriage declarations, 1897-1898, 1906- Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

Pietermaritzburg Presbyterian  – First Presbyterian Church, 1850-1920  (also St John’s, 1865-1942) – Church registers

Pietermaritzburg Wesleyan (Methodist), 1846-1945  – Church registers

PIGOT, E . SOPHIA The journals of Sophia Pigot; ed. by Margaret Rainier. Cape Town: Balkema, 1974. – Journals, biographies, autobiographies, letters

Pinetown Anglican: St John’s, 1852-1939 (including St Andrew’s, 1868- 1883)  – Church registers

Pinetown- deaths, 1913-1950 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

Pinetown Government Register Deaths Unpublished Official Papers

Pinetown Presbyterian, 1852-1889. (Original 80 in possession of Mr Peter Brown, Lion’s Bush, Fort Nottingham)  – Church registers

Pinetown – St Andrew’s churchyard and St John’s churchyard – cemeteries

PINETOWN WOMEN’S INSTITUTE Annals of Pinetown; ed. by M. Macartan. Pinetown: Women’s Institute and Pinetown Town Council, 1970.

Plummer, Jane: Diary, 1850. Typescript. (J.B. Geldart, Coquidale, Elandskop, deceased)

Polglase, John: Diary, 1 Nov. 1878 to 27 Jan 1880 – Don Africana Library

Portia Passenger Lists  Local History Museum, Durban – Passenger Lists

Port Natal almanac, 1851, 1852. Durban: Cullingworth. (Consulted mainly for its advertisements.)

Port Shepstone  – cemeteries

Port Shepstone – deaths, 1899-1947 – Official registers of births, marriages and deaths

Port Shepstone Wesleyan (Methodist)  – Church registers

POVALL, A.S. My story. Typescript.

Public Library of Victoria, Melbourne – Passenger list of the Hannah, 1852

Public Record Office, London Lists of emigrants ex Aliwal, Ballengeich,

Public Record Office, London – War Office – Muster rolls of the 45th Regiment

Public Record Office (London) – Unpublished Official Sources

Public Works Department.

Q.v. – Refers to a settler on Shelagh’s list of settlers, about whom she has written, or has unpublished information

QRF – Quit Rent Folio Unpublished Official Sources

R.Cong., Dbn – Durban, Congregational – Church Registers

R. Isipingo – Isipingo, Anglican – Church Registers

R. St A., Pmb. – St Andrew’s, Pietermaritzburg, Anglican – Church Registers

R. St C., Dbn – Register St Cyprian’s, Durban (Anglican)

R. St J., P.T. – Register St John’s, Pinetown. Anglican.- Church Registers

R. St P., Dbn –, St Paul’s, Durban, Anglican – Church Registers

R. St P., Pmb. – Register St Peter’s, Pietermaritzburg. Anglican.- Church Registers

R. St P., Umz. – St Patrick’s, Umzinto, Anglican – Church Registers

R. Wes. Dbn – Wesleyan, Durban, Methodist – Church Registers

Rachmann, Joan, 31 Adrienne Ave., Glen Anil, Dbn.

R Ang H –  Register Anglican Howick.

Raw, Paul, 20 Netley Place, Malvern.

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Tomb PSAC – Port Shepstone Anglican Cemetery.

Tomb St A, Pt – St Andrew’s churchyard Pinetown. Anglican- Cemeteries

Tomb St Bude’s Umkomaas

Tomb Stella. – Stellawood Cemetery, Durban – Cemeteries

Tomb St P., Umz. – St Patrick’s Churchyard, Umzinto – Cemeteries

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Umhlanga  and Tongaat)  – Church registers

Umkomaas  – cemeteries

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Verulam  – cemeteries

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