Organized according to ship sailed on


September, 1852.


Compiled from the Durban Port Captain’s list and the Melbourne list (per kind favour Public Library of Victoria), various Natal sources, and with grateful acknowledgment to the research of Dr Bruce J. Bennett, 200 Auburn Rd, Hawthorn, 3122.


Cabin passengers:


  • BROOKING, Dr Benjamin (c.1803-1853), MRCS, wife Charlotte Elizabeth & family. Vol.3. 1



  • BROWNE, Hugh Junot (born1824), gentleman, Scottish. Vol. 3.



  • GORDON, John Anderson. Vol.7.



  • HEAP, Charles Rogers, merchant, English.



  • JACKSON, Amelias, gentleman, English



  • LEWELLIN, Dr John Henry Hill (c.1817-1886), MRCS, and wife G.E. LEWELLIN, Charles.



  • PAGE, Alfred Harrison, gentleman, English.



  • PRYCE, Edward (born c.1823)



  • SILVESTER, Adolphus






  • TURNER, John (c.1809 – 1898). R



  • WHITAKER, Daniel Faber, gentleman, English. R



  • ZOHRAB, Peter Thomas Henry Gordon (1817-1881), wife Marianne (c.1818-1884) (born Walker), & 2 children. 2


Steerage passengers:


  • ABBOTT, Thomas Nathaniel (1824-1865), livery-stable keeper, English. Vol. 1. R



  • BARRETT, Joseph Rhodes (born c.1835), labourer, English. Vol. 2. R 3



  • BLUNDELL, Thomas (1825-1894), farmer, English. Vol. 2. R.



  • BROUGH, Richard (1819-1884), farmer, English. Vol.3. R.



  • BUCKLEY, J., labourer, English. Vol.3.



  • CLARK, William, labourer, English (born c.1810). Vol. 4 4



  • COATES/COATS, John (born c.1825), labourer, English. Vol. 4



  • DAVIES/DAVIS, clerk, English. Unidentified.



  • DIXON, Henry Lincolne (1824-1872), labourer, English. Vol.5



  • DUPREY, Peter (born c,1827). Vol.5 5



  • EDLIN, William Brampton, farmer, English. Vol.6.



  • FRANKLIN, Mark (1833-1899), farmer, English. Vol.6. R. 6



  • GREGORY, Charles (born c.1831/2), labourer, English. Vol.7



  • GREVILLE, Robert N. (born c.1819), or GREVILLE, Chaloner (born c.1828), farmer, English. Vol.7.



  • HALLETT, James, labourer, English.



  • HAMLEY, farmer English. Unidentified.



  • HASTIE, Michael (born c.1824), labourer, Scottish.



  • HOWDEN, Francis Welch, farmer, English.



  • HOWDEN, Montague, farmer, English. R



  • JONES, Thomas, clerk, English



  • KINGHAM, R., labourer, English.



  • LOGAN, Robert (c.1820-1876), labourer, English. R.



  • MACRAE, Kenneth (c.1823-1885), labourer, Scottish.



  • MARRIOTT, Thomas Oakley (c.1816-1905), bricklayer, English, wife Elizabeth (c.1816-1878) (born Clayton) & 2 or 3 children. 7



  • MURRAY, William (born c.1826), labourer, Scottish. 8



  • RICHARDSON, Alfred (born c.1824), farmer, English. R



  • RICHARDSON, John Alfred (1820-1885), farmer, English, and wife Mary Ann (c.1822-1880) R



  • RICHARDSON, Alfred (born 1824), farmer, English. R.



  • SAKER, George William (c.1809-1892) R



  • STEVENS, labourer, English. 9



  • SUTTIE, labourer, Scottish. 10



  • SYMES, Edward [sic], farmer, English 11



  • TAYLOR, James (born c.1827), blacksmith, wife Jane (born c.1823) (born Auld) & 1 or 2 children.



  • TAYLOR, John, gentleman, English. .



  • TAYLOR, John Horrocks (born c.1827), English.



  • TURNBULL, James Maitland (1831-1863), farmer, English R.



  • VERE [sic – should be VEAR], William (1819-1878), gardener, English, and wife Sophia (c.1819-1894) (born Hawkins). 12



  • WEBB, James (born c.1804), innkeeper, English, wife Sarah (born c.1804), and WEBB, John (c.1830-1904), innkeeper, English, and wife Caroline Emma (c.1830-1910) (born Quested). 13 R R



  • WEBSTER, George, labourer, English, wife & 2 children..



  • WITHERS, William Bramwell (born c.1824), labourer, English.


R = eventually returned to Natal.



1. Died in Melbourne.

2. Acknowledgements to Jess Bennett, 3 Kokoda Ave. Bli Bli, 4560.

3. Son of William Barrett (c.1800-1877). Also information from Mrs Ann

Shuttleworth –

4. Left his children in Natal.

5. Not mentioned on either the Durban or Melbourne lists (information from former

Natal employer)

6. Son of George Franklin (1808-1897). Mark married in Australia.

7. Acknowledgments to Max Williams, 31 Moselle St, Box Hill North, 3129

8. Left his wife and children behind..

9. Possibly Andrew Stevens (born c.1829).

10 Possibly David Suttie (born c.1822).

11 Possibly Frederick Symes (born c.1822).

12. Acknowledgments to K.W.E. Vear –

13. Father and son.




December, 1852.


Compiled from the Durban Port Captain’s list and other Natal sources.

Apparently the Melbourne list has not survived.


Cabin passengers:



Steerage passengers:










































































(1) Possibly John Halloway.

(2) Mrs. Sarah Bush (born c.1811), and four children followed him in Sep. 1853.

(3) Possibly John Field (born c.1831).

(4) Son of John Grice (c.1801 -1859).

(5) Possibly J. Cuthbert Harrison (born c.1829).

(6) Possibly Thomas Philpott (born c.1818).

(7) Presumably James Rolfe (born c.1817), and wife Hannah

(born c.1818)

(8) Died of fever six days after landing in Melbourne.

(9) Wife Mary and children followed in Wee Tottie, Feb.1853.

(10) Brother Samuel Willis (born c.181) left for Cape Town and Australia in July 1853..