Shelagh’s Research to be lodged with the PMB Archives

Shelagh will no longer be working on her research. We will no longer provide look ups and chronologies. The entire collection of her research has been donated to the Pietermaritzburg Archives. Anyone whose family was not covered in the published volumes may be able to find material in the archives collection, or on this site, […]

McArthur, Alexander

MCARTHUR Alexander – 1822-1884 . Mayor of Durban, businessman, shipping agent, farmer. Photo in Ingram SAS Henderson: Durban, p50 For an alphabetical list of sources, click here. From Dunbarton (BSN p190). Member of the first Durban Club (SDC p17). Living in Durban in 1852. In partnership with .. Hunter (RoD 153). Pioneered the small ships […]

McKENZIE, William

Born c.1816, Scotland. Died 12 April 1893, Richmond, Natal. Schoolmaster, agriculturist. 1816.00.00c.   Born. Date calculated from age at death. (RGR) 1841.00.00      Family of a William McKenzie and his wife Elizabeth Stevens listed. Included is their daughter Jane (Jean)**.   With them is William McKenzie, Schoolmaster. (1841 census return for Instack, Dunnet, Caithness, via S.J.) 1843.01.14      […]

Remembering the fallen by restoring grave legacy. Do you know the story behind the graves? At one time they were three brave men who fought for queen and country, but now their remains lay forgotten, among litter and leaves. Three graves, belonging to British soldiers once based in and around the area, have long lay forgotten in the town of Dannhauser. Many pass by their final resting place without […]

Old Prison Museum: Pietermaritzburg Durban – Death Row, the gallows and the hangman are perhaps more associated with Pretoria central prison, but the noose was also no stranger to the provincial capital. At the Old Prison, now a museum in Pietermaritzburg bearing the same name, this happened first in the old Voortrekker-built section and out of a second-floor […]

George Pay 1824-1906

George Pay 1824-1906 Labourer, hotelkeeper, freemason. Photo in NMP 02/05/1906. Also one of George and his two brothers Edward and William. Was born at Bognor Regis. Landed at Port Natal on 02/05/1850. Planted sugar   (Hatt). Came out with Eliza Anne (25) and Chas. G 1 (Coll. of C’s lists). Born at Felpham, 6 June […]

Search Passenger Lists online

The eGGSA (I don’t know what that stands for and their website doesn’t explain it – they are a branch of the SA Genealogical Society) has transcribed the records of many passenger lists. The lists are: Natal Immigration Board 1850 to May 1911; Cape Archives IBC 6 series, passenger lists of emigrant ships 1858 to […]