George Pay 1824-1906

Labourer, hotelkeeper, freemason.

Photo in NMP 02/05/1906. Also one of George and his two brothers Edward and William.

Was born at Bognor Regis. Landed at Port Natal on 02/05/1850. Planted sugar  

(Hatt). Came out with Eliza Anne (25) and Chas. G 1 (Coll. of C’s lists).

Born at Felpham, 6 June 1824 and died 24 April, 1906, in Durban. Married 1) 16 May 1847, St Georges, Hanover Sq, London, Eliza Ann Phillips (1824, Felpham – 1 Mar 1866, Durban), daughter of George and Jane Phillips, 2) 19 May 1869, Natal, Elizabeth Drew (17 July 1831, Cricklade, Wilts – 8 Aug 1911, Durban), daughter of John Drew and Catherine Johnson. She was the widow of William Spencer Ghee who owned the Phoenix Hotel in Durban. (Patricia Pay Keefe: The Pay Family, via Rosemary Atkinson 30.8.1995).

George went to London soon after the death of his mother and lived there 8 years before emigrating on the ‘Edward’ with wife and son. A second son was born during the voyage (Patricia Pay Keefe: The Pay Family, via Rosemary Atkinson 30.8.1995).

George visited his brothers in Canada in 1881 and 1897 (Patricia Pay Keefe: The Pay Family, via Rosemary Atkinson 30.8.1995).

With the invention of farm machinery labourers in Sussex (and elsewhere) found difficulty in getting jobs. In the 18th century [sic], a scheme was developed to allow, under the poor rates, the jobless to emigrate to Canada. The plan was known as the Petworth Scheme. The Petworth Emigration Committee, under the sponsorship of the Earl of Egremont, chartered ships from 1832-1837, to carry emigrants from Sussex to Upper Canada.

William Pay, the eldest son of William Pay senior’s children, was accepted at the age of 16, in 1835, with a number of others from Felpham, he left Portsmouth for America.

From the census records in Felpham, it appears that Edward, Caroline and William senior had not emigrated until 1853.

Edward’s first child was born in England in 1852, and his second child, Henry Albert, was born in Canada in 1854 (Patricia Pay Keefe: The Pay Family, via Rosemary Atkinson 30.8.1995).

The earliest known Pay of this family was John Pay, whose son Thomas was born in Chichester, Sussex in 1677 and who married Mary Davis (born in Chichester) on 2 May 1702 in Racton – they had a son John (born 27 Dec 1704, in Chichester) who married Mary Hobbs (born in Chichester) on 12 Oct 1737 in St Peters, Chichester, and they had a son Thomas (29 Mar 1744, Chichester – July 1792, Felpham, Sussex), who married Jane Meering (born 1755, Felpham).

Thomas and Jane had the following children:

William (10 Sept 1775, Felpham – 14 Sept 1775, Felpham). Died in infancy;

George (1778 Felpham – 10 Sept 1802, Felpham);

Sarah (born Apr 1780, Felpham);

Ann (Felpham, June 1782 – 1841, Felpham);

Thomas (Jan 1785 – 11 July 1852), married 20 April 1806, Felpham, Massey Kewell (1788, Felpham – 19 May 1863, Felpham);

Harriett (born June 1788, Felpham);

William (1789, Barnham, Sussex – 11 Nov 1870, St Catherine’s Ontario), married 29 Oct 1812, Sidlesham, Sussex, Mary Woolven (Aug 1792, Sidlesham – 4 Sept 1842, Felpham), daughter of William Woolven (born 1736, Sidlesham) and Mary Earwicker (born in Sidlesham). Mary Woolven’s grandparents were William Woolvin [sic] and Sarah Beard, both born in Sidlesham, and her uncle was Edward Woolven (born 1738, Sidlesham), while her siblings were:

Sarah (1778),

Ruth (1779),

William (1781-1825),

Fanny (1783),

Alice (1707) (Patricia Pay Keefe: The Pay Family, via Rosemary Atkinson 30.8.1995).

The Felpham registers have been searched for the period 1700-1775, but no Pays are recorded there. However, a John Pay was listed in the Protestation Oath Returns for 1641, so the family must have been listed in the area for about 100 years beforehand.

The name was spelt ‘Pea’ or ‘Peay’ at different times (Ibid).

1850 May – Came out on the ‘Edward’. Given land at Beaulieu on the Illovo. (H of Rich.


Was allotted 120 of 2 and 3 Beaulieu, Illovo – 45 acres and 1 Block U Richmond. (JHB Moreland’s list).

Feb – Son Edward R.E. was born on the ‘Edward” and named after the ship, the

captain and the surgeon. McCrystal p3.

Son Edward Robertson Emmett born (R. Wes Durban)

Wife’s name was Eliza Ann (R. Cong. Durban)

Possibly managed a Hide store in Durban owned by John Daniel Koch in 1850 (R

o D


Died at the age of 82 – lived in Berea Road – next month he would have been able to record a residence of 56 years in Durban. He left London Docks on 9 Jan 1850 and arrived at anchorage at Port Natal on 4 May on the Edward.

Among fellow passengers were C.J. Povall (so long prominently connected

with Harvey Greenacre and Co.). Had lived in London for 7 or 8 years before leaving the U.K. He said the old Colonization Office which still stands near the Mutual Buildings was the only house in Durban. When landing they left the ship at outer anchorage at 9am and reached land at 5pm in the afternoon. On arrival he found that there was no regular occupation to follow and no one to employ labour. His first job was with Moreland, the emigration agent.

At that time Pay lived on the Bluff and near the Umhlatuzana and for the next 56 years practically spent all his life in Durban.

For the first 20 years he was employed by Mr Glendinning who was the owner of several ships, trading in hides, etc, with Mauritius.

For his first two years he never earned more than a guinea a week (men were willing to work for 2/6 a day then), with which he had to support a wife and 2 children. He continued with the hide business, which had been taken over by a Mr Cox, and subsequently carried it on himself until he disposed of it to Messrs Flack and Co.

His great ambition when he arrived was to have a place of his own and after a few years he succeeded. He always found plenty of employment. He was one of a family of 8, of which 2 brothers still survive. His brothers live in America, where he visited them in 1881 and 1897.

His oldest brother, who for many years was manager of one of the railways between Lakes Erie and Ontario, died a few years ago and his youngest brother is an octogenarian. This brother lives at St Catherine’s in the Lake District close to Niagara.

George Pay has lived for 33 years in his house beside the Toll Gate. It was the first house on the Berea and is situated near the ridge, over which the travellers to Pietermaritzburg had to pass.

In 1858 Masonry was started in Durban and Pay was the first person to be initiated there. The Ancient Order of Foresters was started in 1861, but failed and on being started again, gained a footing and is now one of the most flourishing institutions in Natal.

Mr Pay was the last of the [illegible] who met in conclave to inaugurate Forestry in Durban and all his life took a keen interest in it. He was known as the Grand Old Man of the Order at the annual festivals in the Park.

In 1880, after having been for 17 years the Honorary Secretary of ‘Court Harburger [sic]’ Lodge of the A.o.F., he was presented with a gold watch and illuminated address. Altogether he was Secretary of the Court for 27 and a half years and only relinquished office on account of failing eyesight.

He has been twice married, the first time about 36 years ago, second wife survives him.

Including 2 deceased, he had 8 children. Those living are: Edward, Frank, William, Mrs B. Ireland of Pietermaritzburg, Mrs A.E. Thistleton and Mrs S. Witherspoon (Newspaper obituary via Mr GPO Donovan).

The cortage will leave the residence, Berea Road at 3.30 and proceed to the Church of the New Jerusalem and thence to the General Cemetery. The Masons will meet in the Lodge Room and afterwards attend the funeral, as also will members of the AOF (Ibid).

1852 – Sep 5. daughter Sarah Matilda born. Died (R. Cong. Durban)

1853 – Labourer, Pine Terrace (DDP 1853)

1854 June – a daughter born. (NCA 24/6/54) Elizabeth Amy (R. Cong. Durban)

Labourer Durban, occupier  (NGG 15/08/1854)

Oct – daughter Sara Matilda died in Durban aged 2 years and 5 months. (NCA 21/10/54).

A Paye [sic] child died October 1854 (R. Wes. Durban)

17 June – Eliz. Amy born (R. Cong. Durban)

1855 – Was he the Pay who tendered as marker at £2 per month to the Durban Club?  

(SDC p 20.)

1856 – Initiated into Port Natal Lodge (Russell F25Y).

March 27, Son Frank born. (R. Cong. Durban)

1858 Feb 23 –  A son, Harry, born in Durban (R. Cong. Durban).

A son, born in Durban (NM 11.3.58).

Apr – Of Durban. Applied for passages for George Phillips, 29, gentleman servant of 5 Kilmeston Place, Kilmeston St., Knightsbridge and wife Mary, 26, and child 10 months old (CSO 104 ms R401 Kinnerston Street? dated 22.4.58).

Jan-July – Charles 10, Edward 8, at Durban Government School (CSO 105 no


12 Aug – admitted to Durban’s first Freemasons’ Lodge – was the first person enrolled in the new Lodge. At once he was made Tiler?? (Mrs Atkinson, Jhb, April 1990, telephone call – Mrs Atkinson descends from Frank)

Initiated into Port Natal Lodge (Russell F25Y)

Was a mason (ROD 378)

1859 Mar – Stood surety for the passage money of Geo, Phillips, 29, servant, from

Knightsbridge, London, and family who came on the ‘Priscilla.’ in March 1859 (EI 65 and Akitt lists, Dec. 1859)

Dec Son William Philip born  (NWW 1906, p154). William’s wife was Clara

Wayne from Devonshire (Pay papers in KCL), married 19 Sept

1888, Wayne, 1 child (SA Genealogies V7 p351).

Dec Son William Philip born, married Wayne 19 Sept 1888, 1 child (SA Genealogies V7 p351).

1 Dec Son William Philip born. (R Cong Durban)

1 Dec – son born – (NW 16.12.59 and NM 8.12.59)

Pay, George – Dry Salter, Durban, Possessor (NM 11.8.1859)

1860 – George Pay owned and occupied part of Lot 4 in Block E, Ward 4, Durban County.

Annual value £8 (NM 18.12.1860)

1861 Oct – A daughter born at Durban (R St A, Durban).

1 Oct – A daughter born at Durban  (NM Oct 1861)

Was she the Mary Jane Pay who married Geo. Newton Keal (MSC 24/222)? R Cong Durban Marriage register says her name was Mary Ann Fry [sic].

1862 Sep – Was suggested as Janitor or Beadle for the newly-founded Presbyterian

Church at a salary of £7 p.a, – evidently took it on because at Board meeting of 6 Oct 1863 it was recorded that he was doing the job. (St A’s Durban, Board minutes)

28 Sept – Daughter Minnie Eliza born (R St A, Durban)

1864 7 Apr – A son born at Durban (R. St A, Dbn). Infant son John Alexander died 24 Apr

aged 17 days (NM 3.5.64)

(R. St A, Dbn)

Son born 7 Apr (NM 3.5.64)

Pay, George, a son born 7th at Durban (Natal Witness April 13, 1864).

1866 Mar – Wife Eliza Ann died aged 40 (Tomb WSC)

Mar 1 – Wife died aged 41 – he was of Durban (NM Mar 66)

1867 – Pay, George, Warehouseman – Durban, Owner (NGG 6.8.1867)

1869 May – A widower, born Felpham (an area of Bognor Regis), Sussex, he married

Elizabeth Drew, widow Ghee (Born Cricklade, Wiltshire, 17 July 1831 – 8 Aug 1911, Durban).  He had 7 children by previous marriage with Eliza Ann Phillips. Married in Durban. (CSO 2285)

She was the widow of William Spencer Ghee who owned the Phoenix Hotel in Durban (Mrs Atkinson, Jhb, April 1990, telephone call).

10 May – Married at Phoenix Hotel, Durban, Mrs Elizabeth Ghee, 3rd daughter of the late John Large Drew of Cricklade, Wiltshire (NM May 69)

Pay, George, Storekeeper – Durban, Owner (NGG 10.8.1869)

1870-71 – Proprietor of Phoenix Hotel, West St, Durban (DNA 1870)

1871 22 Feb 21 –  A hotel keeper. Daughter Alice born. (DRGB)

22 Feb 21 – A daughter born. He was of the Phoenix Hotel (NM 25.2.71)

1871 – A stillborn child born at the Phoenix Hotel in 1872 (NM 28.11.72)

A hotelkeeper. Daughter Alice born 21 Feb 1871 (Durban Govt Register).

10 Nov 1871 – Eldest sister Mrs Porter died at Coventry aged 58 (NM 16.1.72).

1872 – Was he the G. Pay whose address is given as Phoenix Hotel, Durban in DNA

1872, p239

Pay, George, Commission Agent – Durban, Owner (NGG 6.8.1872)

Pay, George, Phoenix Hotel, West Street (DNA 1872)

Pay, George, Deed 687? Unopposed Farm Allot. Lot No. 120 of Lot 283 Beaulieu Estate near Illovo – £45 and Vill. Allot. LA1, Block U, within circle Vil of Richmond. Issued 24.11.72 (CSO 2263 No H257)

1873 – Aug – 4th son Harry was thrown off a horse and killed aged 15 (Tomb WSC)

Aug 6 – Son Harry died from a fractured skull as the result of a fall from a horse


Aug 6 – Son Harry died from injuries received from a fall from a horse NM 9.8.73

Pay, Mrs, owned Part of Erf 1 – in Block Z, Durban County (NM 11.2.1873)

Pay, George, owned Erf 14 – Umgeni Village (NM 11.2.1873)

Pay, Mrs, owned Part of Erf 9 – in Block D, Durban County, occupied by George Pay (NM 11.2.1873)

1874 May – Charles George, m. Sarah Scott Bell (NM 30.5.74)

Charles George, builder at the Harbour Works m. Sarah Scott Bell of Conch Villa, Bluff. Married at Addington (R. St P, Durban). Daughter of Captain Bell, q.r.

Pay, George, Hotel Keeper – West Street, Durban, Owner (NGG 6.10.1874)

1875 Feb – Alice Pay turned 4 (AGO1/4/16 pg 465)

Sept – Son Edward Robertson Emmett, clerk (an accountant by 1878) [Durban Government Birth Register], of Durban, married Charlotte Isabella

Mason 21, daughter of Joseph Mason, q.r. (RW, PMB)

9 Sept – Son Edward Robertson Emmett, of Durban, married Charlotte Isabella

Mason 21, daughter of Jos. Mason of Bellevue Cottage, Berea (NM 11.9.75, NW 14.9.75)

By this date son Charles George was a carpenter (DGRB)

Dec – daughter Elizabeth Amy m. Shepherd Ray Barton, 29, clerk, (R St P,


Dec – Of Bel Vue Cottage, Berea. Eldest surviving daughter Elizabeth Amy at her

father’s residence married Shepherd Ray Burton

ANC between Elizabeth Amy Pay, spinster of Durban, and Shepherd Ray Burton,

clerk of Durban, dated 6 Dec 1875 (SC IV/3/76 WHC)

Edward R.E. Pay, clerk of Durban, made trustee of estate of J.T. Sturrock, late of

Lydenburg and Kimberley, merchant, by his will dated 27 July 1875 (SC IV/2/71,

no 19)

1876 – By this date son Joseph Mason was a clerk  (DGRB).

By this date Edward Robertson Emmett was a clerk (DGRB)

Pay, Edward, R.E., Clerk, Berea, Renter (NGG 3.10.1876)

Pay, Charles George, Wheelwright, Renter (NGG 3.10.1876)

Pay, George, Clerk, Berea, Owner (NGG 3.10.1876)

Proprietor of Phoenix Hotel, West Street, Durban (DNA 1876 p71)

1877 Son Charles George was a wheelwright by this date (DGRB)

Elizabeth Pay owned land in 2 or R in Blk Z – Rm of Sub B, Durban Co., together

with C. Dacomb. Land £100-0-0d (NGG 8.3.1881, p178)

Pay, F, owned land in 13 Blk C sub A of D, Durban County, together with J.

Flowers and J.H. Mayo – Land £12, Building £80 – Total £92-0-d (NGG 8.3.1881, p 180)

1879 – Clerk, Berea, Durban (DNA 1879 p366)

Pay, E.R.E., clerk, Aliwal Street, Durban (DNA 1879)

Pay, George, clerk, Berea, Durban (DNA 1879)

Pay, C.G., carpenter, Smith Street, Durban (DNA 1879)

By this date Elizabeth Amy’s husband S.R. Burton was a journalist (DGRB)

1880 Feb 26 – Frank, carpenter and joiner, married Georgina Manderson (23). (R St P,

Durban), a daughter of Robert Manderson of Durban (NM 27/02/1850)

Feb 26 – At the house of the bride’s father, Durban, Frank, third son of George Pay, to Georgina, eldest daughter of Robert Manderson born of this town (NM

27/02/1850) Copied directly from Mercury file to show the differences that occur.

1881 Elizabeth Amy’s husband S.R. Burton was of Berea (DNA 1881, p478)

1882 – Pay, E.R.E, (Jameson and Co), Aliwal Street, Durban (DNA 1882)

1883 – Re – estate of George Drew, executor Richard Irvine applied 13 Mar 1883, to be

relieved of his office. MSC suggested George Pay to replace him and describes Pay as ‘a person of standing in Durban’ and said he was willing to act and is acceptable to executrix, the widow. George Pay replaced Irvine on 13 Mar 1883 and on 24 Sept 1883 this was confirmed after the Master had been asked to report whether replacing Irvine with Pay would be to the benefit of the minors and he had reported in favour 20 Sept 1853 (RSC I/8/102 no 147/83).

1884 – Pay, E.R.E, (Jameson and Co), Aliwal Street, Durban (DNA 1884)

1888 – Youngest son William Philip, born in Durban, married in Durban, Miss

Wayne, daughter of William Wayne of Manchester in 1888. (NWW, 1906, p54).

Daughter of William and Hannah Wayne and her brother Hedley had been born in Levenshulme near Manchester (MSC 14/420)

Pay, W.P., clerk, Berea, Durban (DNA 1888)

Pay, C., carpenter, Victoria Street (DNA 1888)

Pay, E.R.E., Accountant, Cato Square (DNA 1888)

Pay, George, Berea (DNA 1888)

1889 – 20 June – Albert Edward Thiselton [sic], born London, England 22 April 1864

(Thomas Henry sn), arrived 1882, married Minnie E. Pay. 3 Children (SA

Genealogies, vol 13, p165)

Another daughter became Mrs A.E. Thistleton of Johannesburg (Pay papers in KCL).

20 June – Albert Edward Thiselton, born London, England 22 April 1864, educated

at Dover, Kent  (Thomas Henry sn), arrived 1882, married Minnie E. Pay. 3

Children (

Albert Edward Thiselton, commercial representative of colonial overseas farms, b 22 April  1864 at London, son of late Thomas Henry Thiselton, educated at Dover, Kend and married 20 June 1889. Edward came to SA on 19 Feb 1882. He was founder and past President of Durban Amateur Athletic Association. Address: Jhb (SAWW 1915, p371)

1892 – 30 May – Elizabeth Amy Burton, assisted by Geo. Pay, sued for divorce from

Shepherd Ray Burton on grounds of desertion. They were married in Durban on 15 Dec 1875 and lived there for some years while he was clerk in the office of W. Shepstone. They had 4 children, 3 living, aged 15, 10 and 9. In June 1883 he left her. The order was served on Burton at Piggs Peak, Swaziland on 13 June 1892. George Pay is her father and is of Berea, Durban. Burton was a constable in the Swaziland Government Committee Police from 1 April 1891 to 10 July 1891 when he was discharged for drunkenness and disobedience. Elizabeth Amy seems to have become Mrs Benjamin Ireland of 92 PM [sic] (Pietermaritz? – A. Spencer) Street by 28 June 1903 (SC 1/5/139 No 21). Divorce made absolute on 2 Mar 1893 (Ibid).

December – Son William P. a pupil at Glenwood School (RP Hickman 8.12.1892). He was born 1824 and probably came from Felpham, Sussex. Brother of Mrs Susanne Grundvig’s great great grandfather who emigrated to Canada with his parents and siblings (Mrs Susanne Grundvig, 9 June 1993). His father William Pay (1789-11 Nov 1870, St c, Ontario), farm labourer. He married Mary Woolven (born August 1792, Sidlesham, Sussex) on 29 October 1812 at Sidlesham, and she died 4 Sept 1842 in Felpham, Sussex. Their children were:

Amy (Jan 1813, Sidlesham 10 Nov 1871, Coventry),

Mary Hellier (Jan 1813, Sidlesham – 15 April 1888, St Catherine’s, Ontario), Frances, (Jan 1817, Sidlesham – 26 June 1837 at Felpham, Sussex),

William (8 Jan 1819, Felpham – 19 July 1094, St Catherine’s, Ontario), railway superintendent who married Susan Magdalene Pawline (1822, Grantham, Ontario – 22 Oct 1912, St Catherine’s) on 26 May 1842 at Port Dalhousie, Ontario,

Ann (24 June 1821, Felpham – 9 Feb 1841 Felpham),

George (6 June 1824, Felpham – 24 April, 1906, Durban), married in 1853 1) Eliza Ann (died 1866 Durban), 2) married  10 May 1869, Elizabeth Drew, Cricklade, Wilts, who died 8 Aug 1911, in Durban.

Edward (30 July 1826, Felpham – 10 June 1821, St Catherine’s Ontario) farmer, Anglican/Methodist [sic] married 1) Caroline Hills (2 April 1826, Felpham – 7 Sept 1855, Grantham Township Ontario on 30 Sept 51 at Felpham, 2) Jemima Ann Fuller (1838 New Brunswick, Canada – 5 Mar 1923, St Catherine’s, Ontario) on 22 July 1856, Grantham Township. She was an English Methodist,

Susan Pay (b Sept 1829, Felpham) (Patricia Pay Keefe, granddaughter of Edward Pay, 14.2.1993).

Franci[sic]s Pay was not a brother (ibid). Presumably as Amy was the eldest sister she was the Mrs Porter who died at Coventry on 10 November 1871, aged 58 (Mrs Keefe).

He was the son of William Pay and Mary Woolven. His siblings were:

Amy (born 4 Jan 1813;

Mary Helyer (b 27 Dec 1814, Sidlesham, Sussex – 15 April 1888, St Catherine’s Ontario). Mary also went to Canada and is buried next to her father and brother in Victoria Lawn Cemetery;

Frances (17 June 1817, Sidlesham – 26 June 1837, Felpham, Sussex);

William (8 Jan 1819, Felpham, Sussex – 19 July 1904, St Catherine’s Ontario), who married Susan Magdalene Pawling (b. 1822, Grantham, Ontario) on 26 May 1842 at Port Dalhousie, Ontario. Susan died 22 Oct 1912 at St Catherine’s, Ontario. She was the daughter of Henry Frederick and Hannah May Pauling;

William Pay emigrated to Canada at the age of 17 from Felpham.

This information comes from the Appendix to the 12th Report from the Select Committee on the Poor Law, 1837;

Ann (24 June, 1821, Felpham – 9 Feb 1841, Felpham) was referred to as William Pay’s ‘idiot daughter’.

One source dated 2 May 1836 states william pay was allowed 21- per week in consequence of the idiocy and bodily illness of one of his children.

On 10 April 1837 it was stated that William Pay of Felpham, 48, wife and four children, ‘one child an idiot and ill, allowed medical aid’.

On 15 May 1837, Ann Pay of Felpham, 16, an idiot, to be allowed 2/6 per week for 14 days.

Thus from May 1837 Ann had to apply for relief in her own right, because she was now 16;

Edward (1 Aug, 1826, Felpham – 10 June 1821, St Catherine’s, Ontario), married 1) 30 Sept 1851, Felpham, Caroline Hills (2 April 1826, Felpham – 7 Sept, 1855, Grantham Township, Ontario), daughter of William Hills and Caroline Sewell, 2) 22 July 1856, Grantham Township, Jemima Ann Fuller (1838, Grantham Township – 5 Mar 1923, St Catherine’s Ontario), daughter of Isaac Fuller and Mercy Anderson. Jemima was very proud of her Loyalist heritage and it’s said she never left home without wearing her Loyalist pin.

Edward was a farmer, an Anglican Methodist and an Orangeman and a Conservative of that order. He would carry a 100lb bag of wheat from the farm to the mill at St Catherine’s, rather than take a horse which was needed on the farm.

Edward and Jemima caught typhoid during an epidemic and their children decided that if they recovered they would never be strong enough to work their farm on Lundy’s Lane, so the farmhouse, land and equipment was sold during their illness. Their last 12 and 15 years were spent dividing their time among their children.

Edward was only happy when helping his sons who had farms.

Ath the time of his death he was working at Victoria Park which was being created at Niagara Falls, Ontario;

Susan (Sept 1829, Felpham) – nothing has been found out about her after the 1841 census, when she was 10 and was living at home (Patricia Pay Keefe: The Pay Family, via Rosemary Atkinson 30.8.1995)

May 1st – Edward Pay of Durban signed the Imperial Hotel Visitors book p 301 (Imperial Hotel Register 1885, p93)

1893 – 11 Mar, Daughter Elizabeth, who divorced Burton, married, on this date, Benjamin

Ireland, wheelwright (R. St T, Durban)

1895 – Pay, F and Co., carpenter, 585 Smith Street (DNA 1895)

Pay, George, Gentleman, Berea Road (DNA 1895)

Pay, W.P. – clerk, Chelmsford Road (DNA 1895)

Pay, Edward W.,  Clerk, Berea (DNA 1895)

Pay, W.P., Accountant, Berea  (DNA 1895)

Pay, C. carpenter, Wills Lane (DNA 1895)

Pay, E.R.E., Accountant, Manning Road (DNA 1895)

1897 – 3 Dec – Son Charles George died at Spring Grange, Sydenham, aged 49 (DGRD).

1906 Apr – Died at his residence Bellevue House, Berea aged 82. (Tomb WSC). A

son was Edward Robertson. Emmet Pay. (NWW 1906 p154).

April 24 – died in Durban,  A gentleman (DGRD).

Died aged 82, gentleman, married. (1) Eliza Ann (2) Elizabeth in 1871 (sic) in Durban Children: Frank, Edward R.E, Mrs Eliz. Amy Ireland, Mrs Minnie Eliza Thiselton, Mrs Alice Witherspoon. Son Frank signed (MSC 26/84)

1910 Son Edward R.E. an accountant (SANW 1910 p363)

1911 Aug – Wife Elizabeth died aged 80. (Tomb WSC)  (SANW 1910 p363)

8 Aug – widow Elizabeth died, aged 80 (DGRD)

Son Edward R.E. an accountant (retired) when Elizabeth died (MSC 42/41).

Elizabeth born Wiltshire, daughter of John Drew and Cath Olwer [sic] (both

deceased). She had married WS Ghee (who died about 40 years ago) and then

George Pay, in Durban, about 38 years ago.

Only child was Alice, wife of S.J. Witherspoon of Durban, outfitter. According to will dated Mar 1903, stepdaughter Minnie Eliza was married to Edward Thiselton, merchant, Durban.Son William Philip was a clerk of Durban, Frank Pay was a carpenter of Durban (MSC 43/4).

Could Edward Robertson be the child that was born on the Edward on 26 February (Dacomb Diary 26 Feb 1850).

1912 – Did he have a son Frederick Rictor [sic] who was buried 23 April 1912, aged 33 (R

Ang H.)

1917 13 Oct – Son Edward Robertson Emmett died aged 67. His wife Charlotte Isabella

died 24 May 1911, aged 56  (Doves Durban List). (Tomb St T. Durban)

1923 – 26 July – Frank dies, presumably in Durban, wife Georgina died ‘just before’ – 3

Aug 1926 in Durban (Mrs Atkinson).

1936, August – Daughter? Elizabeth Amy (Mrs Ireland) b. N.H., married, died August

1936 aged 82 (PGRD)

1936 Aug Daughter Eliza Amy Ireland nee Pay died Aged 82. (Tomb WSC)

Eliz. Amy (Mrs Ireland) nee Pay, born in Natal, died Aged 82 (Pmb Government


1938 Feb – Daughter Alice was presumably the wife of Samuel John Witherspoon who

died in this year, aged 72, and she died Feb 1950 aged 79. (Tomb WSC and Pay papers in KCL)

Ruth Pay and Jack Pay (playmates of cousin Vera Wise Barnes (Vera Barnes reminiscences)