The eGGSA (I don’t know what that stands for and their website doesn’t explain it – they are a branch of the SA Genealogical Society) has transcribed the records of many passenger lists.

The lists are:

Natal Immigration Board 1850 to May 1911;

Cape Archives IBC 6 series, passenger lists of emigrant ships 1858 to 1861,

PWD 2-401 to 420 from 1873 to 1884,

PWD 2-753 from 1872-1876 and

PWD 2-756 from 1884-1885;

British Mail (a monthly newspaper) January 1879 to September 1881;

The Colonies & India (a weekly newspaper) April 1883 to December 1888;

The Cape of Good Hope Exchange Gazette 1850 to 1851.

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