Born 5 Jun. 1821, Dublin, Ireland. Died 21 Aug. 1884, Byrne, Richmond District, Natal.

Builder, landlord, farmer.

1821.06.00      born. (Tomb SMMCB).

1821.06.05      b. In Dublin (CSO 2282). Tenth son and fifteenth child of Brabazon Smith Stafford(1759–1840) and Elizabeth Ohman, dau. of John Henry Ohman and Mary Sutcliffe. (Canner). Brabazon Smith Stafford was a godson of the Earl of Meath whose family name was Brabazon, hence the entry of this name into the Stafford family. (JBT). For further family information see entry for H.H. Flood*. (SO’BS Vol. 6, pp 142-145)

1846.05.00      Left London on the Sir Edward Ryan, assuming at the same time the name of Talbot. He was the first Stafford to come to Africa. (RDT)**.

1846.11.00      Two Messrs Talbot arrived at Port Natal on the Apprentice. (EI 73). Could one of them have been Berkeley Buckingham? (BMS)

1846.11.02      Apprentice arrived at Port Natal. (NW 07.11.46)

1848.07.21      Was living in Durban when he signed a cemetery petition. (SGO III/5/7). It is said that he and his brother Hugh Flood at first lived in Durban where they erected wattle and daub houses which they either sold or let. (RDT). B.B. Talbot and H. Flood had Lot H1 in Durban and B.B. Talbot had Lot W2. (LDL)

1849.03.00      Talbot, no initial, left for Cape Town on the  Rosebud. (EI 73). Could this have been Berkeley Buckingham? (BMS)

1849.03.23      Asked the government if he could rent five acres of land at Congella [then south of Durban now part of the city] for a stone quarry. Period of rental to be 45 years or longer. (CSO 2238, unnumbered)

1849.03.27      To work this proposed quarry he would have to cut a long channel to enable his boats to reach the quarry. (CSO 2238, B46)

1849.05.00      Talbot, no initial, arrived at Port Natal on the Rosebud from Cape Town and Algoa Bay. (EI 73). Could this have been Berkeley Buckingham? (BMS)

1849.08.31      Defendant in case with Chiappini & Co. [Cape Town firm of merchants with land holdings in Natal. (BMS)]. There was to be a meeting of his mortgagees and creditors. (NW 31.08.49)

1849.09.18      Part of No.1Block H a corner Erf; another part of same Erf with house and stables let at £2 a month; part of 2 Block H with a substantial dwelling house and kitchen under same roof let at £5 a month; another part of 2 Block H with a smith’s shop let at £1.10s a month, all in Durban, are to be sold on 3 Nov. 1849  under process of the District Court in a suit between A. Chiappini & Co., plaintiffs and Berkley[sic] Buckingham Talbot, defendant. (NGG 18.09.49)

1849.11.13      Sale postponed to 24 Nov. because of bad weather on 12 Nov.1849. (Ibid. 13.11.49)

1850.05.10      The list of passengers shows that Sophia Dennis* and Robert Woodhead [Woodhead, J.R.*] both sailed to Natal on the Edward. (NW 10.05.50)

1850.06.27      Sophia Dennis, passenger on the Edward, was granted a 20 acre rural allotment and one village allotment no.66a on Plan. (MP). The Edward passengers were settled at Beaulieu-on-Illovo, Richmond. (JC p.273)

1852.08.10      Talbot, Burkley[sic] Buckingham: Jung’s Farm, Trader, Occupier. (NGG 10.08.52. Jury List 1852-3, Pietermaritzburg. Div.)

1853.03.05      Sophia Dennis, 22, b. in Helmstead[sic], Essex,  and Robert Woodhead, 25, b. in Manchester, applied in Pmb. for licence to marry. (CSO 2282). Sophia b. in Elmstead, Co. Essex. (MSC 1V/18/12 no.280B)

1854.06.30      Talbot Berkely Dray[sic] Fontein, Timber Merchant, Occupier. (Voter’s roll 30.06.54 in NGG 25.07.54 )

1854.08.08      Talbot, Berkeley Buckingham: Dray[sic] Fontein, Pmb., Agriculturist, Renter. (NGG, Supplement, 08.08.54)

1855.04.05      Robert Woodhead d. aged 27. (Tomb CRC)

1856.07.29      Talbot, Berkeley Buckingham: Drie Fontein, Pmb., Agriculturist, Renter. (NGG 29.07.56)

1856.09.10      Aged 29, b. in Dublin, of Drie Fontain, Umlaas, gentleman, applied for licence to marry Sophia Dennis, aged 25, b. in Essex, widow Woodhead. Application made in Pmb. (CSO 2282). Sophia was one of a large family of brothers and sisters. Perhaps she came from farming stock from somewhere near Colchester? She came to Natal in order to accompany her sister who was married to a Mr Bull [Bull, J.A.R.*] who, being consumptive, was coming to Natal for health reasons. (RDT).

1856.09.11      Of Drie Fontein, m. by Revd James Green* to Sophia Woodhead of Pmb., widow, b. Dennis. Witnesses: Hugh Flood and Jane Pitcher. (ST)

1857.07.21      Daughter Amy b. (R St M, R)

1858.07.11      Son Hugh b. (R St M, R)

1858.08.10      Talbot, Berkeley Buckingham: Drie Fontein, Pmb., Agriculturist, Renter. (NGG 10.08.58)

1859.05.00      Son Hugh d. (Tomb SMMCB)

1859.05.22      Last Sunday we had the first funeral in our little churchyard. It was a baby five [sic] months old, the son of Mr Talbot who lives five miles from here but in this parish. (REG p.98)

1860.03.02      Daughter Sophia b. (R St M, R))

1860.08.14      Talbot, Berkeley Buckingham: Drie Fontein, Pietermaritzburg, Agriculturist, Renter. (NGG 14.08.60)

1860.12.31      At Drie Fontein when he witnessed a document for his brother W.A. Talbot. (SGO III/5/31)

1861.07.02      Son Brabazon Deverell b. (R St M, R)). In a letter dated 28 Aug. 1861 Mrs Ellen McLeod writes – You will see by George’s[McLeod, George More*] letter how unfortunately I was situated when Mr Cookerley called. I was nursing Mrs Talbot who had come to Byrne to be confined, purposely to be near Mrs Tarboton [wife of Henry Tarboton*] who had promised to attend her. I went with her just at the birth, when the next day Mrs Tarboton was sent home the measles having broken out in her family; so I was obliged to remain there, not being another person to be procured. As it was the first time I had acted alone in such a capacity you may be sure I felt rather nervous. However I got on very well and my patient did better than she had ever done before in similar circumstances. (REG p.116)

1862.12.04      Land situated in Byrne village, or being rural lots adjoining the village, was transferred from J.C. Byrne to B.B. Talbot. The land comprised – two pieces of ground measuring 28a.3r. and 21a.1r. marked 26 and 29 respectively; two pieces of land of 1a.30p. and 1a.22p. being Nos 5 & 6 Block S; 50a. marked No.32; No.5 Block B of 2r.; No. 33 of 50 a.; No.8 Block T of 2 r. (RSC I/8/24 No.2199)

1863.02.12      Sophia Talbot writing from Byrne states that her late husband Robert Woodhead was entitled to a 90a. rural allotment and a town Erf at Richmond and had d. without taking them up. She is his sole legatee and asks if she can take up the legacy? Answer: Yes if she can prove that she is sole executrix and legatee. (CSO 2252 no.F141)

1864.08.12      As advertised there is to be – The most important and extensive land sale ever to be held in Natal. The Natal Land Co. (Cape) by its charter will cease to exist after November 1864 and the Co. with A.J. Zeederberg of Cape Town have arranged for the Secretary of the Natal Fire Assurance Trust Co and J. Bergtheil to secure the services of Raw* & Wilkinson*[Raw, J., Wilkinson, W. J.]  to auction 12 farms. Among the 12 is Drie Fontein, described as – Originally granted to Isaak Johannes Meyer, situated South of Zwart Kop location and 6 090 acres in extent. This includes 6oo acres of forest, it is watered by the source of the Umlaas River, there is a substantial house and a fine orchard. (NCPA 12.08.64)

1865.07.20      Richmond Magistrate A.C.Hawkins* writes to Colonial Secretary enclosing two applications for post of gaoler. Recommends B.B. Talbot who has resided for some years at Byrnetown and has always borne a good character. (RMLB II, p.91)

1865.10.01      Declaration made in his own handwriting – I, commonly known in Natal as Berkeley Buckingham Talbot, being at this time of sound mind, do make oath and declare that I am the youngest son of the late Brabazon Smith Stafford of Buckingham Street in the City of Dublin, Ireland, and that I first assumed the surname of Talbot when I took my passage on board the Sir Edward Ryan from London to the Cape of Good Hope, June 1846, [Signed] B.B. Stafford. To this is subscribed the following – This oath and declaration was made and signed before us in the City of Pietermaritzburg, Colony of Natal, this first day of September in the year of Our Lord 1865. [Signed] James Green, MA, Dean of Pietermaritzburg and F.S. Robinson, MA, Curate of Pietermaritzburg. (ST)

1865.10.02      Son Berkeley Buckingham b. (R St M, R))

1866.04.17      A.C. Hawkins writes to Col. Sec. enclosing resignation of W. Nicholson* as Field

Cornet and Sheep Inspector, Ward 5 and recommends B.B. Talbot. (RMLB II, p.125)

1866.08.14      His land at Byrne [see 1862.12.04 above] was attached following a judgement. (RSC I/8/24 No.2199)

1866.11.03      His land was auctioned and purchased by the Revd T.G. Fearne* for £56. The land carried a mortgage of £280 held by the Marine Insurance and Trust Co., the assignees of Henry Pinson’s estate. (Ibid.)

1866.11.13      Sale of the land confirmed. (Ibid.)

1867.08.06      Talbot, Berkeley Buckingham: Byrne, Pmb., Farmer, Occupier. (NGG 06.08.67)

1867.09.05      Daughter Alice Ann b. (R St M, R))

1869.11.20      Son Robert Dennis b. (Ibid.).

1871.09.22      Son Hugh b. (Ibid.)

1872.07.00      Entered into a five year lease with J.S. Brock with the option to purchase [The Gums]. (RDT)

1873.06.00      By June 1873 had moved from Ratsey’s*[Ratsey, Capt. R.H.] old house near the Serpentine river to J.S. Brock’s house The Gums, which he had built for Archdeacon Fearne. (RDT)

1873.06.23      Son William Appleby born. (AD)

1878.10.28      Daughter Sophia m. Frederick McLeod[son of George and Ellen McLeod] at Byrne. (NM  02/11/78)(NW 05.11.78)

1880.00.00      We have had terrible fires all through the valley. Mr Talbot has suffered very much from one. The old house he used to live in which has been turned into a bacon house, is burnt and about £100 worth of bacon destroyed. It is a dreadful loss to him with his large family. (REG p.234)

1881.10.24      Daughter Amy m. W.J.F. Collis at Byrne. (NM 29.10.81)(NW 29.10.81)

1884.08.18      Made will, was of Byrnetown. H. Flood and Herbert McLeod were witnesses. (MSC 9/1885)

1884.08.00      d. (Tomb SMMCB). d. aged 64, of Byrne, b. in Dublin. (R St M, R) d. aged 64, Field Cornet. (RGRD)

1884.08.21      d. aged 64 years at Byrne. (NM 27.08.84)(NW 27.08.84). Property consisted of  rural Lots 26, 29, 32 & 33 Byrne, plus a further 7 unnumbered Lots. In the village he owned 5 Block S, 6 Block S, 5 Block B & 8 Block T, valued together at £7. (MSCE 29/206). Ellen[McLeod]… was very friendly with the Talbots, her nearest neighbours, at The Gums. Suddenly in 1884 Mr Talbot d. a most painful death from an “internal complaint”… Opie was heart-broken. Her mother was left very poorly off. (REG p.249)

1907.04.00      Wife Sophia d. (Tomb SMMCB).

1907.04.04      Sophia Talbot, of The Gums, Byrne, d. aged 77. (R St M, R). Sophia Talbot, née Dennis, b. Colchester, d. aged 77 at The Gums, Byrne. Death notice filled in by son B.D. Talbot. (MSC 29/98)




Amy (21 July 1857, Drie Fontein – Jun.1926, Manors, Pinetown)

1842.12.00      William James Collis b. (Plaque in SMMB)

1857.07.00      Amy b. (Tomb St A, PT)

1857.07.21      Amy b. (R St M, R). Drie Fontein. (CSO2287)

1875.01.31      George[McLeod] encloses a statement which he would like… inserted in a London paper. The statement is copied by Amy Talbot, that pretty young girl whose photo we sent to Jane for you all to see. (REG p.189)

1876.00.00      On Easter Monday the school children had a holiday, so Amy Talbot got up a picnic. They all started off in good spirits in Hosking’s cart full of children when going down a steep place there is in the road the diesselboom[sic] (or pole you would call it) of the cart broke and they all were thrown out. Amy had Bessie’s [Hosking] little baby and kept it in her arms; it was not hurt at all. Amy herself was very much shaken. (REG p. 198)

1879.11.30      [Mr Ward, Rector, Richmond]… has got up a nice Sunday school at Byrne and Amy Talbot is the teacher. (REG p.230)

1881.04c.        Amy Talbot plays[the harmonium] well and often comes when she is at home for the holidays, but she teaches music at the college[St Mary’s College, Richmond] so we do not get her very often. (REG p. 238)

1881.09.05      William James Fitzgerald Collis, 38, b.Ballinrudery, Co Kerry and Amy Talbot, 24, b. Drie Fontein, Natal, took out licence to m. (CSO 2287)

1881.10.24      m. at Byrne, William James Fitzgerald Collis to Amy, eldest dau. of Berkeley Buckingham Talbot of Byrne. (NM  29.10.81)(NW 29.10.81)

1907.04.04      Amy and William Collis were living at Keerom, Byrne, when Amy’s mother d. (MSC 29/98)

1915.00.00      Collis, William James Fitzgerald b. Co. Kerry, 74, retired farmer, m., d., Blackridge. (PGRD)

1915.12.00      Collis, William James d. Dec 1915. (Plaque in SMMB)

1915.12.21      Collis, William James Fitzgerald b. Treraclea, Co. Kerry, son of Stephen Edward and Margaret Collis (Sandes), d. at Blackridge aged 74yrs 11days, retired farmer, m. Amy Talbot at Byrne. (MSCE 4/1916)

1926.06.00      Collis, Amy of Manors, Pinetown, bur. (R St J, PT)

Hugh(11 July 1858 – 11 May 1859, Byrne)

1858.07.00      Hugh b. (Tomb SMMCB)

1858.07.11      Hugh b. (R St M, R)(AD)

1859.05.00      Hugh d. (Tomb SMMCB)

1859.05.11      Hugh d. (AD)

Sophia (Opie) (2 March 1860, Drie Fontein – May 1936, Byrne)

1852.07.00      Frederick McLeod b. (Tomb SMMCB)

1860.03.00      Sophia b. (Tomb SMMCB). At Driefontein [todays spelling]. (RDT)

1860.03.02      b. (R St M, R)

1860.04.00      Sophia, dau. of B. & Sophia Talbot of Drie Fontein, bap. (Ibid.)

1878.10.28      m. at Byrne, Frederick, fourth son of G.M. McLeod, to Sophia, second dau. of B.B. Talbot. (NM 02/11.78)(NW 05/11/78). As Fred was married on the 28th of last month I must tell you all about it. As we have not a clergyman here yet, Canon Jenkinson from Spring Vale came to perform the ceremony. The wedding being on a Monday he came the Sunday afternoon, gave us a service and stayed at our house all night. In the morning they walked to the church at 11 0’clock: unfortunately it was such a wretched day, the wind blowing hard from the north and so hot I could not go, but went to Mr Talbot’s to meet them at the breakfast. Everything went off very nicely: the room was decorated very prettily with long wreaths of the creeper I sent you a leaf of: it is a kind of asparagus fern. We sat down 32 to breakfast and there were only three not of the two families… The bride was dressed in white Alpaca and the bridesmaids (her two sisters) in the same, excepting that one had her dress trimmed with pink, the other with blue: they all looked very nice. The wind changed soon after breakfast and brought up a thunderstorm and we had a most refreshing shower of rain for which we were all most thankful. After the shower the Bride and Bridegroom started off, not in their carriage and four, but their carriage and sixteen (but alas it was only a wagon) in a perfect shower of old shoes that the young members of the family had been collecting for some time. (REG p.215). Before marriage Fred earned a living mainly through transport riding. When first m., and until Fred had built a home for his bride, Fred and Opie lived at Rose Cottage with Fred’s parents George and Ellen McLeod. (BMS)

1879.08.13      Opie went in and stayed with Annie [in Pmb. where her husband Frank McLeod had taken a house. (BMS)] and her baby was b. on the 13th Aug… His name is Bentley Leslie Stafford. (REG p.227)

1880.01.01      Fred’s house had now been built and his farm was progressing under his vigorous efforts. He and Opie left Rose Cottage on New Year’s Day to start their life there. “Opie being Irish”, wrote Ellen, “they have called their place Blarney”. (REG p.231). It was on the old road from Richmond to Byrne. (BMS). According to Ellen it was “…only about half an hour’s ride [away]”. (REG p.231.). From an early age it was realized that Bentley had impaired vision and he later became blind. (BMS). Even so he fulfilled Ellen’s perception that he had “a mechanical turn”. (REG p.248). An example of this was his construction of a water channel on Blarney, achieving, without sight, the correct angle of flow. Fred and Opie lived out their lives on Blarney as did Bentley who married, but had no children. (BMS). His siblings were Frederick, Archibald, Theodora, Lionel and Ruby. (REG p.276)

1936.05.00      Sophia McLeod d. (Tomb SMMCB). Sophia (née Talbot) d. aged 76, b. Natal, m., of Blarney. (RGRD)

1939.08.00      Frederick McLeod d. (Tomb SMMCB)

1939.08.26      Frederick McLeod d. aged 87, b. Byrne, retired farmer, of Wiveton [formerly The Gums. Perhaps the person who notified the death lived at Wiveton? (BMS)]. (RGRD)

Brabazon Deverell (Brab) (2 July 1861, Byrne – 23 May 1937, Lion’s River)

1861.07.00      b. (Tomb SMMCB)

1861.07.02      b. (R St M, R). At Byrne. (REG p. 116)

1877.03.12      Fred[McLeod] has been home again since Christmas and has gone again. This time he will be away a long time – he has taken loads to Winburg in the Transvaal. He has taken Brab Talbot with him as a driver, it is so difficult to get Kafirs[sic] and they want such high wages that it is much better to get a white boy; he will also be a companion to him, for it is very lonely on a long trek. (REG p.200)

1878c.             Brabazon for a while was on Enon where he helped to run the farm while Gen. Gordon was alive [Gen. Nathaniel John Gordon d. in Eng. in 1883, having  returned there at an un-established date. (BMS)] and later did transport riding, mostly between Pietermaritzburg and Durban. (RDT)

1879.07.16      Mulholland, Violet Ellis b., dau. of Charles, storekeeper, and his wife Georgina  Milne. (RGRB). Georgina’s mother Mary was the dau. of William Watson* and his wife Susannah of Newborough Grange, Byrne. Mary Watson was first m. to –Michael Furlong, as a widow she m. George Milne*, and after Milne’s death she m. Wm Cunningham*. They were all Sgts in the 45th Regiment. The Cunninghams settled at Byrne. (S0’BS)

1890.00.00      Talbot, B.D. purchased FP 74 in the vicinity of Himeville. The property was then called Dungarven, but is now known as The Duffryn. In 1901 it was sold to A. Lewis. (UH p.39)

1899-1900       In the siege of Ladysmith [27.10.1899 – 28.02.1900]. (RDTM p.219)

1902.06.11      Violet Ellis Mulholland, 22, spinster, Byrne m. Archibald Ellis Bell, 28, builder, Pmb. (R St M, R)

1909.09.25      Rem. of Furth (2 944a.1r.35p.) transferred from Natal Land & Colonization Co. to B.D. and B.B. Talbot. (Deed1219/1909)

1915.01.26      Talbot, Brabazon Deveril[as signed by himself], farmer, Byrne m. Violet Elizabeth Bell, widow. (R St M, R)

1915.06.21      Sub. A of Furth (1 944a.) trans. from B.D. Talbot and another to Estate B.B. Talbot. (Deed No. not noted)

1915.08.14      Rem of Furth (1 000a.) trans. from B.D. Talbot to Edwin Cecil Somers. (Deed No. not noted)

1937.05.00      Brabazon Deverell d. (Tomb SMMCB)

1937.05.23      Brabazon Deverill[sic] d. aged 75yrs 11mths, b. Natal, m., retired farmer, of Lion’s River. (PGRD)

Lucy (21 Jan. 1864 – June, 1932, Ixopo)

1858.06.00      Thomas Francis Remfry b. (Tomb St J, Ix)

1864.01.21      Lucy Talbot b. (R St M, R)

1898.11.18      T.F. Remfry purchased Penmount (2 413a.1r.21p.) from the Natal Govt. for

£3 206.13.10d, at the rate of 10/- an acre as shown on grant No. 5781. (Fax of Title Deed via HG). Penmount touched his later farm Sutton at one angle only. (Holmden)

1904.04.12      Lucy Talbot of Byrne, m. Thomas Francis Remfry, farmer, Ixopo. (R St M, R)

1910.05.00      Thomas Francis Remfry d. (Tomb St J, Ix)

1910.05.22      T.F. Remfry of Sutton, Ixopo d. (AD).Thomas Francis Remfry, b. in Truro, son of Henry Oliver and Eliza (née Hamilton) d. aged 51yrs11mths, farmer, Sutton, Ixopo. His widow signed the death certificate. (MSCE 38/158)

1932.06.00      Lucy Remfry (née Talbot) d. aged 68. (Tomb St J, Ix). Lucy was a dear person and was kind to everyone. She had no children. She was very kind to George O’Gorman Frazer who, after his wife Alice’s death, stayed at Sutton. (AD)

1818.05.00      Henry Oliver Remfry b. Truro. (Tomb St J, Ix)

1851.00.00      Eliza Mary Remfrey[sic] b., only dau. of Mr & Mrs Henry O. Remfrey[sic] of Truro, Cornwall and of Calcutta. At the age of 30 she came to this country with her father for his health. They made their home at Ixopo. After her father’s death, and at the time of her brother’s m., she went to Richmond. (FSB No. 1, p.14)

1894.04.04      Henry Oliver Remfry, late of Truro, Cornwall, at present of Sutton, Ixopo Division made a will. His children are Eliza Mary and Thomas Francis. (MSC 47/1898)

1898.03.00      H.O.Remfry d. Ixopo. (Tomb St J, Ix)

1898.03.22      H.O. Remfry d. at Sutton aged 79yrs10mths. (MSC 47/1898)

1928.10.17      Eliza Mary Remfrey[sic] d. (FSB No. 1, p.14)

Berkeley Buckingham (2 Oct. 1865 – 17 Oct. 1914, Pietermaritzburg)

1865.10.00      b. (Tomb SMMCB)

1865.10.02      b. (R St M, R)

1877.11.30      Agnes  Clowes Alette b., dau. of Richard Winchester and Elizabeth Hosking.

(R St M, R)

1878.03.00      Agnes Clowes Alette Hosking bap. (Ibid.)

1897.00.00      Berkeley Buckingham was for four years a Native Commissioner in Mashonaland. He returned to Natal for health reasons and then farmed Furth. (RDT)

1901c.             Returned from Rhodesia. (RDTM p.219)

1904.02.09      Farmer, Byrne m. Agnes Clowes Alette Hosking of Byrne. (R St M, R). Agnes Clowes Alette was familiarly known as Chiperwee or Chips. (AD)

1904.04.14      Approx  14 acres of extra land required on Furth, property of B.B. Talbot, for construction of Umhlongo Nek siding on the Cape/Natal line. (Cobley)

1906.08.02      Sub. NGR  (13a.2r.5p.) of Furth transferred from Natal Land & Colonization Co. to Brabazon D. Talbot and Berkeley B. Talbot. (Deed 1388)

1907.04.04      Of Furth, Impendhle Div. when his mother d. (MSC 29/98)

1909.09.25      Rem. of Furth (2 944a.1r.35p.) trans. from Natal Land & Col.Co. to B.D. & B.B. Talbot. (Deed 1219)

1914.10.00      Berkeley Buckingham d. (Tomb SMMCB)

1914.10.17      He d. aged 49yrs15dys, farmer, m. (PGRD). Native Commissioner/Magistrate at Sinoia, Southern Rhodesia. He later farmed at Furth Illovo Nek [sometimes any property beyond the farm Illovo Nek was described as being in that area]. (AD)

1915.06.21      Sub. A of Furth (1 944a.) trans. from B.D. Talbot and another to Estate B.B. Talbot. (Deed No. not noted)

1930.10.19      Sub. B of Furth (140a.) trans. from Estate B.B. Talbot to Lancelot Holmes. (Deed No. not noted). [This property named Wilberfoss by Holmes. BMS]

1944.08.09      Rem. of Furth (1 803a.) trans. from Estate B.B. Talbot to J.U.A. Pottow [son of Robert Pottow, stepson of Lancelot Holmes, brother of Edith Violet Pottow who m. Hugh Talbot. (BMS)]. (Deed No. not noted)

1960 c.            Agnes Clowes Alette d. in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia. (AD)

Alice Ann (5 Sep. 1867 – 20 April 1906, Pmb.)

1854.00.00      George O’Gorman Frazer b. (SMMCB). In the West Indies. (PGRD)

1867.09.05      Alice Ann b. (R St M, R). b. Byrne (MSC 26/78)

1899.09.00      Alice Ann Talbot of Byrne and George O’Gorman Frazer, storekeeper, Impendhle Div. m. (R St M, R). Frazer was familiarly known as GO’G. (AD). His Zulu nickname was Mthifilizana (Short-and-stout). (PH)(WMT)

1899.09.11      Alice Talbot and George Frazer were m. at Byrne. (MSC 26/78)

1906.04.00      Alice Ann Frazer d. (Tomb SMMCB)

1906.04.20      Alice, of Yorishi, Impendhle , d. aged 38yrs8mths, in Pmb. Her husband filled in the Death Notice. He had resided and carried on his business in Natal for 30 yrs and had lived at Yoroshi for about 15 yrs. (MSC 26/78). Alice Ann Frazer, 38, of Elandskop d. Pmb., bur. Byrne. (R St M, R)

1914 end         Frazer, G.O’G listed as being of Yorishi in the 1915 Natal Almanac. [This was the first time that residents of Umhlongo Nek were included. BMS]. (BND 1915)

1915 end         Frazer, G.O’G, Yorishi. (BND 1916)

1916 end         Frazer, G.O’G, Yorishi. [After this his name does not appear in the Umhlongo Nek listing. BMS] (BND 1917)

1924.07.24      G.O’G. Frazer of Sutton, Ixopo, made a will. He bequeathed everything to his sister-in-law Lucy Remfry and appointed her executrix. Witnesses: H. Talbot, Sutton, Ixopo, S.J. Sewell, Dipping Inspector, Ixopo. (MSCE 12231/1927). Lucy was very kind to Alice’s husband and let him stay at Sutton [It is not known when he moved there. BMS]. (AD)

1925.07.25      George Frazer admitted to Grey’s Hospital. Pmb. (MSCE 12231/1927)

1927.03.00      Frazer, George, 72, b. West Indies, widower, farmer, d. (PGRD)

1927.03.27      George Frazer remained in Grey’s Hospital until this date, presumably his date of death. There was a bill of £302.10s. to be paid. The estimated value of his estate was less than £300 in value. The inventory of his immovable property showed he owned nothing. (MSCE 12231/1927). George O’Gorman Frazer d. aged 73 years. (Tomb SMMCB)

Robert Dennis (20 Nov. 1869, Byrne – 5 April 1941, Pmb.)

1869.11.00      b. (Plaque in SMMB)

1869.11.20      b. (R St M, R)(RDT via AD). At Byrne. (RGRB)

1886.01.00      Winifred Amy Adams b. (Plaque in SMMB)

1886.01.11      W.A. Adams b. London. (RDT via AD)

1907.04.04      At the time of his mother’s death Robert Dennis was a civil servant in Zululand. (MSC 29/98)

1913.06.28      m. Winifred Amy Adams dau. of Prof Henry Adams MICE, MIME etc. (RDT  via AD). Robert’s wife was a Miss Winifred Adams who taught at the Durban Ladies College and came from England. They were m. in Durban. (RDTM., p.421)

1941.04.00      Robert d. (Plague in SMMB)

1941.04.05      d. aged 71, b. Natal, m., retired magistrate. (PMGRD). (Magistrate, Civil Service, Union of S. Africa). (AD)

1965 c.            Winifred  d. Pmb. (Ibid.)

Hugh (22 Sept. 1871 – 12 Aug. 1938, Ixopo)

1871.09.00      b. (Tomb St J, Ix)(RGRB)

1871.09.22      b. (R St M, R)

1889.01.00      Edith Violet Pottow b. at Nel’s Rust, dau. of Robert [and Sarah Emily née Hooper. As a widow Sarah m. Lancelot Holmes. BMS]. (MSCE 7/164)(RGRB)

1889.01.03      Edith Violet b. (NW 12.01.1979)

1889.01.04      Edith Violet b. (MSCE 7/164)

1889-1900       Hugh was in the siege of Ladysmith [27.10.1899 – 28.02.1900]. (RDTM.p.219)

1908.05.29      Sub A(130 a.) of Gunzenhausen No. 6223 trans. from Natal Land & Colonization Co. to Hugh & Wm A. Talbot. (Deed No. not noted)


1915.08.25      Hugh Talbot, farmer, Dewverna and Edith Violet Pottow, Wilberfoss, Impendhle, m. at Byrne. (R St M, R)

1918.09.25      ½ share of Sub A(130a.) of Gunzenhausen trans. from H. Talbot to Wm A. Talbot. (Deed No. not noted)

1935c.             Hugh Talbot left Sutton (2 500 acres), he had run the farm with his wife Violet, and moved to Forest Glen. They had two sons Berkeley and Frank and two daughters Emily (Mrs Spilsbury) and Chick (Mrs Bulcock). (RF p.106)

1938.08.12      Hugh d. aged 66yrs11mths, farmer, Woodstock, Ixopo. (MSCE 27704/1938). Of Ixopo, bur. aged 68. (R St J, Ix)

1939.08.00      Hugh d. (Tomb R St J, Ix)

1978.11.15      Edith Violet Talbot d. in Pmb. (Deceased Estate Notice NW 12.01.1979)

1978.11.17      A Memorial Service for Edith Violet Talbot, late of Pmb., formerly of Ixopo, will take place at St John’s Church, Ixopo, tomorrow. Much loved mother of Frank, Em, Chick and the late Berk. The cremation took place privately. (Service Notice NW 17.11.1978)

William Appleby(23 June 1873, Byrne – 20 Nov. 1920, Ixopo)

1873.06.00      b., Byrne. (R St M, R.)

1873.06.23      b. (AD)

1874.07.00      bap. (R St M R)

1899-1900       William was in the siege of Ladysmith [27.10.1899 – 28.02.1900]. (RDTM p.219)

1906                Sgt in Richmond Carbineer troop at time of Bambata Rebellion. (RDTM p.311)

1908.05.29      Sub A(130 a.) of Gunzenhausen No. 6223 trans. from Natal Land & Colonization Co. to Hugh & Wm A. Talbot. (Deed No. not noted)

1916.08.30      m. Mary Elizabeth dau. of Alfred Charles McKenzie of Richmond, Natal. (AD).

Mary was usually known as Molly, her mother was Margaret Jane (Jenny) née Blake of Illovo Nek. (CC p. 156)

1918.09.25      ½ share of Sub A(130a.)  of Gunzenhausen trans. from H. Talbot to Wm A. Talbot. (Deed No. not noted)

1920.11.00      William Appleby d. aged 47. (Tomb St J, Ix)

1920.11.20      d. (AD). Talbot, William Appleby d. at Cassington, Ixopo, aged 47 years, youngest son of the late Berkeley Buckingham Talbot of Byrne, husband of Molly E. Talbot. (NW 23.11.1920)

1920.11.21      Of Ixopo, aged 47, bur. (R St J, Ix).

1921.09.22      Sub 4 of Furth (201a.) trans. from J.U.A. Pottow to Est. W.A. Talbot. (Deed No. not noted)

1925c.             Yorishi leased by Mrs William Talbot (my Aunt Molly) to her brother Colin McKenzie (my father). (JH)

1927c.             Mrs William Talbot, Aunt Molly, m. Mr Percy Travers and they wanted Yorishi so my father bought Redacres from Mrs Cunningham of Treleigh. (JH)

1927.03.27      The McKenzies moved from Yorishi to Redacres. (JH)

1939.05.26      Sub A(130a.) of Gunzenhausen trans. from Wm. A. to Colin Owen Talbot [son, known as “Bones”. (BMS)]. (Deed No. not noted). Sub 4 of Furth (201a.) trans. from Est. W.A. Talbot to C.O. Talbot. (Deed No. not noted)

1943.09.01      Sub A(130a.) of Gunzenhausen trans. from C.O.T. to L.W. Yates. (Deed No. not noted). Sub 4 of Furth (201a.) trans. from C.O.T to L.W. Yates. (Deed No. Not noted)



*After a name indicates the person as the head of a family and therefore qualified for an entry in Shelagh Spencer’s biographical register.

** RDT (Talbot, Robert Dennis) given as a source when he is quoted. RDTM (Talbot, Robert Dennis. Memoir.) given as a source when the information comes directly from his memoir.



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